Creating Meaningful Easter Family Traditions


Easter may not have the commercial draw of Christmas, but it’s still an important holiday. This year, establish your own Easter tradition to help make the holiday more powerful and meaningful for your family.

Here are a few traditions that you can easily add to your plans for this year.


Participate in Clean Sweep to Keep Oakville Beautiful


It’s spring and time to join the town’s Oakville Clean Sweep set for Friday, April 25 at 2 p.m. Take this opportunity to clean up around your school, business, neighbourhood and park. A mere 20 minutes can make all the difference — making Oakville even more beautiful!


April Events Round-up


April 19: 10am-12:45pm: Easter Egg Hunt with the Easter Bunny: Kids from 0-6 years old have a chance to do crafts, play, and go for an egg hunt in the YMCA’s Oakville location.

Parents have three times to choose from: 10-10:45am, 11-11:45am or 12-12:45pm.


Finding the Perfect Wine for Easter Dinner


Easter is a holiday that (outside of spiritual belief) is filled with fresh ideas, new beginnings, and little smiles.

Families gather for the first time since the winter break and once again, we prepare a meal of epic proportions – oh how I love the feast!


Town to Add 31 km of New Pedestrian and Cycling Way


Town Council’s approval of the 2014 Active Transportation Capital Program just made getting around Oakville on foot or by bike even easier.

By the end of this year, implementation of over 31 kilometres of new cycling and pedestrian paths will have started for a number of different uses. Projects approved for 2014 include:


Celebrating the Contributions of Volunteers


Last year in Canada, 13.3 million people contributed 2.1 billion hours of volunteer time—that’s the equivalent of 1.1 million full-time jobs! National Volunteer Week, in its 72nd year, is celebrated from April 6-12, 2014.

We encourage you to take the time to thank the volunteers who do so much in our communities.


Monthly Real Estate Forecast


Real estate predictions are made daily, weekly and monthly depending on the region and community you live in.

These predictions are often based on such factors as rising or falling interest rates, employment outlook and immigration patterns, all of which effect the real estate market in Oakville as our Town continues to grow and prosper.


10 Ways to Get Your Home Spring Ready


Spring is finally here! Now is the time to start getting things around your home cleaned up and ready for the new season.

Listed below are a few ways to do just that:


Wheying In On Protein Powders


My clients often ask me about protein powders and if I can recommend one. While I am not a big advocate of protein powders it is one of the most popular supplements in our society today.

These powders can come from a variety of different sources and a number of unique manufacturing processes.


MPP Kevin Flynn Joins Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Cabinet


MPP Kevin Flynn has joined Cabinet for the first time as the new Minister of Labour. Kevin Flynn becomes the first Minister from Oakville since Minister James Snow in 1985.

The Ministry of Labour is working to ensure the minimum wage keeps up with the cost of living and is predicable for businesses, that caregivers have time off to look after their loved ones knowing their job will be secure and is strengthening work place protections.