The Word on the Street: Thankfulness is Abundant in Oakville!

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Olivia, Cole & Kira

Olivia, Cole & Kira Have a Beautiful Family to be Thankful For

As the morning chill returns to the air and the leaves start to turn colour, running on the Oakville, Ontario Canada trail system is delightful. The warm afternoon sunshine is great for hot chocolate on Lake Ontario’s waterfront with the kids.

The first day of school, reuniting with friends, celebrations with family and friends are key activities for the fall. Sleeping with the windows open, cool comfortable breezes, makes for perfect sleep.

And lastly, we are thankful for Nana’s Pumpkin Pie. We can’t wait till she sends one soon. Christy is Thankful!

A beautiful day in Oakville! The Word on the Street is that people are “Thankful”! Eyes lit up and smiles spread across the faces of the people when asked the question; “What are you thankful for today?” Here are the answers from the people having fun on the streets of beautiful Oakville; Canada’s #1 place to visit, live and work, according to the people on the street! “Open Doors Oakville” was an impressive event that brought crowds out to have fun, shop and visit the sites of Oakville with friends.

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Marg & Barry: Bronte Horticultural Society, founded in 1925. I am thankful for my 4 year old grandson! One look at his little face and all my worries disappear. The other day when he was leaving, he said”, I like you grandpa. Do you know why? It is because you are my buddy”! We love it when he shows up because it makes us young for 5 minutes – and then ages us rapidly!

Mae: To be here at Sovereign House in Bronte, Oakville, and for being a part of Open Doors Oakville. It’s a beautiful day! Caro: To be by the water.

Mary: I’m happy and healthy and good looking! Ellis: Living in beautiful BronteVillage! Bronte is the “interesting cousin in Oakville”!

Lesha Kokosky, an artist, showing her work at Sovereign House in Bronte, Oakville, is thankful to be showing her art work for all to enjoy. Visit her exhibit soon!

Barbara Ann, of the Bronte Historical Society, is thankful for our medical community. She is fighting – and winning – her battle with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer for the third time!

Bill Broadbent: I am thankful for being alive, for good weather and for being in Bronte and admiring the view of Lake Ontario. Bill rides as far as Milton and Stoney Creek twice every week! He likes to go to Coronation Park to watch the children play and to see people with dogs of so many varied breeds. Bill is also actively involved with the ongoing shoreline clean-up of Oakville.

Mary, Estilo Clothing in Bronte Village, Oakville: I am extremely thankful for: A patient and understanding husband who lets me off the hook for many things including attending/watching football games. Go Bills. The health, merriment and well being that close family bring. A wonderful group of friends who carry me closely in their minds and hearts and I in turn, them. A job that I love, that brings me in contact with many wonderful people and where I feel deeply appreciated every day. A cat that does not ignore me all the time. A home, a warm bed to sleep in and jump out of in the mornings, a full belly and clothes of my choosing to wear. I am blessed.

From London, Owen Sound and Port Stanley; Susan, Catherine and Heather get together once a year and choose Oakville; to have fun together, to visit their favourite boutiques, eat and get caught up. Today they enjoyed a patio table and a chocolate croissant with a hazelnut base (and are too full to breathe) at the Croissant Express Bakery. Catherine says: “Ringing the bells at St. Jude’s Anglican Church, rang my chimes today. The young fellow in the bell tower was infectious. It was like being a kid again!” Heather is having her first grandchild soon and bought the perfect gift for her perfect “Christmas gift” – her grandchild! According to Susan, it is a great privilege to have such special people in her life, to both work, live and to be friends with.

Pino is thankful for his kids, his wonderful wife and his health. “I am alive! We live in a country that is so beautiful. We are lucky to be here!”

At Whole Foods Market, young Olivia was thankful that her friends were coming over to play. Cole was thankful for his favourite motorcycle toys and Kira, with just cause, was thankful for her family!

Laura and Matt got married today! They live in Downtown Oakville and were running, with glee, down Reynolds Street with their entire bevy of bride’s maids and groomsmen and their photographer! Imagine the freedom and the joy! Laura shouted that she was thankful for the weather and Matt, followed quickly that he was thankful for Laura! Laura wanted you all to be sure to know that she is grateful for Matt, her family and friends and for her life! This was a happening, full of fun, thankfulness and celebration! It was a great way to conclude a “Tour of Thankfulness on the Streets of Oakville!”

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