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Councillor Tom Adams Thanks Oakville

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

I would like thank the residents of northeast Oakville for the opportunity to represent them over the next four years. It is a privilege to be able to work with so many great citizens who want to see the best for their community.

On behalf of all the candidates who took part in the 2010 municipal campaign, I would like to thank our families. Every successful campaign needs the support of friends and volunteers, but it is often the families of the candidates who provide the greatest support during a campaign. In my case, I want to give an extra big thank you to my wife Stephanie who took on all of those extra parenting duties of our three great kids over the last couple of months. That dedication needs to be recognized and appreciated.

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I want to thank the many volunteers and donors who took part in the campaign. You gave up your free time and financial resources to help determine the future direction of our community. I believe it makes all the difference between a mediocre community and a great one.

Over the next four years, I will continue to work to engage with residents. I will continue my work to control growth, build the infrastructure our community needs to be successful into the future and run our community in a fiscally responsible manner.

The campaign has been a wonderful experience in renewing the direction for Oakville. It has served as a check with the residents to continue with many of the directions of our last term and an opportunity to reset or modify slightly our directions in a few others. In every case, I appreciate the feedback residents have given me.

Once again, thank you to the residents of northeast Oakville for the confidence you have shown in me. Thank you to the volunteers who made the campaigns possible. Finally, thank you to the families who supported the candidates throughout the campaign.

- Councillor Tom Adams, Ward 6

What you need to know for Election Day in Oakville

Monday, October 25th, 2010

It is election day in Oakville. Today is your chance to have a say in how our wonderful Town is taken care of for the next four years. We will be voting for one(1) of each Mayor, Councillor and Halton District School Board Trustee candidates, and up to four(4) Halton Catholic District School Board Trustee candidates.

Get out and vote

Vote turnout in 2006 was very low, especially in Ward 4. The polls are open from 10am to 8pm at various locations around town. If you are not sure where your polling location is, look it up here. If you don’t know what Ward you live in, check using these maps.

For last minute research on the candidates, please visit our Oakville Election 2010 section for candidate profiles, interviews, Q&A’s and more.

More info

The team wrote 50+ articles about the election issues and the candidates, click here to browse through them.

For the Mayoral race, here are some handy searches with profiles, interviews, photos and more for the two leading candidates:

Rob Burton
Ann Mulvale

Please remember to vote for your Halton School Board Trustees. Did you know the operating budget for the Halton District School Board is $490 million? That’s more than the annual budget of the Town of Oakville.

Here’s who you will be voting for today. Please get out and vote!


Mayor: Rob Burton, John McLaughlin, Ann Mulvale, Raymond Ray

Ward 1 Town Councillor: Michael Loomans, John McMullen, Ralph Robinson

Ward 1 Town & Regional Councillor: Bob Aceti, Alan Johnston, Linda Oliver

Ward 2 Town Councillor: Stephan Bobesich, Pam Damoff, Joe Giraldi, Bruce Grant, Cheryle McCullagh, John C. Pilcher

Ward 2 Town & Regional Councillor: Cathy Duddeck, Stephen Sparling

Ward 3 Town Councillor: Mary Chapin, Dave Gittings, Nick Hutchins

Ward 3 Town & Regional Councillor: Jean C. Gandubert, Keith Bird

Ward 4 Town Councillor: Brian Burton, Roger Lapworth, Susan Sheppard

Ward 4 Town & Regional Councillor: Allan Elgar, John Foster, Jeff Gareau, Bhupinder Singh Sandhawalia

Ward 5 Town Councillor: Marc Grant, Mark Straub

Ward 5 Town & Regional Councillor: Bruce Jones, Jeff Knoll

Ward 6 Town Councillor: Tom Altobello, Ross Bragdon, Max Khan, Jim Smith, Janice Wright

Ward 6 Town & Regional Councillor: Tom Adams, Doug MacKenzie

Halton Regional Chair: Gary Carr [Acclaimed]

Halton District School Board Wards 1 & 2: Don Vrooman [Acclaimed]

Halton District School Board Ward 3: Georgette Bolger, Sherif Guorgui, Ann Harvey Hope, Jeffrey Percival

Halton District School Board Ward 4: Aman Jaspal, Jennifer Poirier, Kathryn Bateman-Olmstead

Halton District School Board Wards 5 & 6: Kelly Amos, Debbie Renkema

Halton Catholic District School Board: Andrew Cudowski, Anthony Danko, Dianne Delany, Melanie Digiantommaso, Alice Anne LeMay, Paul Marai, Giuseppe Peritore, Ed Viana

Conseil scolaire de district du Centre-Sud-Ouest: Micheline Wylde [Acclaimed]

Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud: Dominique Janssens [Acclaimed]

Election Q&A with Tom Adams

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Tom Adams is a candidate for Ward 6 Town & Regional Councillor in The 2010 Oakville Municipal Elections. What are the platform issues that you are addressing?

Tom Adams:

I am asking northeast Oakville residents to re-elect me to:

1. Control growth by defending our new official plans that protect our stable neighbourhoods and direct growth to places where the community can accept it,

2. Control taxes by making developers, not taxpayers, cover the costs of infrastructure for new development,

3. Continue to manage tax dollars and debt responsibly and keep tax increases down close to inflation,

4. Support Oakville’s new hospital with non-tax revenue,

5. Clean our air by advocating for and defending regulations that reduce local air pollution and protect our health such as our new Health Protection Air Quality By-law for major emitters,

6. Preserve natural areas with land use designations and defend our new natural heritage systems,

7. Alleviate traffic congestion with a balance of roads and transit to respond to population growth and a plan for new roads that coincide with new development instead of coming after the fact,

8. Maintain our roads, sewers and water systems so that our infrastructure debt is reduced,

9. Work with the community and Halton Regional Police Services to fight vandalism, speeding and other criminal behaviour in our community,

10. Consult with the public with regular meetings as I have been doing for the last four years. What is your unique position in this election

Tom Adams: I am fully dedicated to representing the residents of northeast Oakville and managing tax dollars and debt responsibly to keep taxes under control. I do not accept donations from corporations for my campaigns. My record of standing up for residents is clear. This term, I led council to defeat the residential tower project on Oakville Place Drive, to stop the use of paid parking at the Trafalgar medical building and to preserve the school lands on Coronation Drive for an elementary school. Residents can expect the same leadership from me over the next term. I also supported the passing of the interim control bylaw and new rules and regulations for power generation facilities which ultimately gave us the time for the province to cancel the power plant proposal in Oakville.

I also have the confidence of my colleagues. They selected me to lead our budget process and Halton’s Planning and Public Works Committee for two years in a row. In 2010, my most recent year as Budget Chair, we brought in a total property tax increase of just 1.5%. I will continue to keep our taxes increases low into the next term at close to the level of inflation.

I will continue to champion the position that development pays for the costs of new infrastructure. We’ve raised development charges 60% in Oakville and I will continue to defend this policy so that taxpayers don’t get stuck with the costs while developers get huge profits.

I will support directing funds towards infrastructure maintenance and improvements to our transportation system. We need a balance of roads and transit to handle the pressures of the population growth in the region.

I currently participate on 15 committees and boards of directors and haven’t missed a single town council meeting in four years. I am experienced, skilled and dedicated.

I am also the only candidate who lives in ward 6. I have lived in northeast Oakville for 12 years with my family. I know the streets and neighbourhoods, because I live here with the residents of northeast Oakville. What do voters need to know that will compel them to vote for YOU?

Tom Adams: I am an energetic, dedicated professional. I live in northeast Oakville with my wife and three children. I won’t just be visiting from south Oakville. Residents can count on me to represent them.

My background includes a Masters in Business Administration from McMaster University, an engineering degree from the University of Ottawa and eight years of experience with BMO Financial Group where I was a senior risk manager before dedicating myself to full-time council duties.

I’ve represented northeast Oakville since 2003. If residents want an experienced, skilled and dedicated representative, they should re-elect me on October 25th.

The 2010 Oakville Municipal election will be held on October 25, 2010. Visit our special Oakville election 2010 section for the latest election news, candidate profiles and more.

Election Q&A with Doug MacKenzie

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Doug MacKenzie is a candidate for Ward 6 Town & Regional Councillor in The 2010 Oakville Municipal Elections. What are the platform issues that you are addressing?

Doug MacKenzie: Oakville is a $300 million corporation. We have a poorly planned debt regime, municipal portion of property taxes are proposed to rise 8.16% by 2011, with minimal opportunities for the local economy to grow. We simply must control taxes and debt, create more economic opportunities and start spending smarter. Oakville may soon become Unaffordable Oakville. Council simply must do a better job with the money we give them. What is your unique position in this election

Doug MacKenzie: Most councilors have little or no real business experience. A healthy, sustainable community requires a sustainable environment AND a sustainable economy. I have been part of working with communities around North America to bring green industries to their area. I know we can and must have both in better balance than what we have today in Oakville. Just piling debt and taxes on the backs of residents is not sustainable. What do voters need to know that will compel them to vote for YOU?

Doug MacKenzie: Most know me as President of several organizations fighting the power plant. If they like the fact the power plant was stopped, their neighbourhoods being safer and healthier, and the equity in the homes worth more, then I respectfully ask them to consider letting me continue the fight for more common sense decisions from government. I care, work hard and get things done.

The 2010 Oakville Municipal election will be held on October 25, 2010. Visit our special Oakville election 2010 section for the latest election news, candidate profiles and more.

Election Q&A with Kelly Amos

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Kelly Amos is a candidate for Halton District School Board Trustee in Wards 5 & 6 in The 2010 Oakville Municipal Elections. What are the platform issues that you are addressing?

Kelly Amos:

* Programs to allow all children to succeed. I believe we need to reintroduce shop and home economic type programs and allow more time for the arts programs that will allow more opportunities for children who can’t necessarily excel academically, to be able to excel in other areas. Also, I feel that these are skills that need to be introduced before children reach secondary school.

* Student Achievement and Recognition. I believe all children should be recognized for their achievements, not just the high flyers and superstars.
Improving communication to the community. It is important to have 2-way communication within the community. This can be done by establishing regular community of schools meetings during the year to discuss issues, improve communication with school councils and parent. It allows an exchange of ideas and resources between the school councils and improves communication with the school council chairs regarding information from the Board and to the Board.

* Funding Gap in Student Education. There is a gap between what the Government funds per student and the actual cost of a child’s education. – I believe that the amount of fundraising done in schools that goes to contribute to each child’s education should not be the norm, but the exception. The amount of money that is fundraised and goes into each class gives each student the education we expect, but this should not be the case. We need to determine the actual cost of a child’s education, so we can determine the gap between what we do get and what we should get. I will continue to pursue this and make the community aware. Halton taxpayers do not get all of the education dollars back that they contribute to the system and they should be aware of this. What is your unique position in this election

Kelly Amos: As a parent with a child in the public school system, I know it is important for parents to have a voice at the Board table, and to keep the focus on the children. What do voters need to know that will compel them to vote for YOU?

Kelly Amos: Kelly has been an active part of the Oakville community for over 23 years.  She is married and lives with her husband in Ward 5 with their 2 children and 2 dogs. 

Kelly has been actively involved in the education system since her children entered school.  She has been involved in running a co-op preschool, volunteering in the classroom at elementary school, participating in River Oaks PS Council, as well as being the Trustee for Oakville Wards 5 & 6 for 7 years.

For the last 4 years she has been instrumental in helping establish the HDSB Parent Involvement Council (PIC) as Chair for it’s first 2 years and Chair of the White Oaks Secondary School Council.  She was a member of River Oaks Public School Council.  Kelly has been involved as a parent representative in many different HDSB (Halton District School Board) committees, including Safe Schools, French Advisory Committee, Community Engagement and Healthy Schools.   She also was a parent representative at Provincial sessions for Educational matters around the roles of the Trustee and Director.

Kelly’s experience and her focus on communication make her the best choice for Trustee for Oakville Wards 5 & 6.

Kelly has been always been of the belief that our children deserve the best possible education.  The best interests of the children should always come first.

The 2010 Oakville Municipal election will be held on October 25, 2010. Visit our special Oakville election 2010 section for the latest election news, candidate profiles and more.