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Election Q & A with Del McIntee

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

Del McIntee is a candidate for Ward 5 Councillor in the 2014 Oakville Municipal Elections. What are the platform issues that you are addressing?

The main issue is the development taking place here in Oakville. My reason for running for the office of Town Councillor is because we are never being consulted about any issue or development taking place here. There is a complete void. Because of the increased population there are already serious traffic flow problems and parking restrictions. Eventually there is going to be a problem with safety in our part of Oakville. The Town needs a council with councillors who will be more involved with the people who live here to review the actual development taking place, call meetings occasionally with Town staff and give the people here the chance to help decide what Oakville should look like. Most people feel helpless about what is taking place and are telling me that only the most affluent will be able to live here.

Now, we also need attention to jobs. The Canadian economy is not going to be growing fast over the next few years so the Town of Oakville needs help in creating more jobs and providing the business climate that will attract businesses. This is going to require Council to get behind Town staff and find some solutions. We must ensure that the employment lands remain. Since my background is business development I will offer my help to the Town and staff to help prospect companies in an attempt to bring some new business to Oakville and hopefully our Ward.

Traffic circulation throughout our part of Oakville is a big problem. The entire situation really needs to be reviewed. Some people are advising me that four way stops should be urgently considered and others want to see more police enforcement. There is also anger from those residing along 6th Line about the new lines put in place. If I am elected the next Ward Councillor I am going to work hard on this and bring those people most affected into the discussions.

The need for more direct public transit certainly comes up but it will not be easy to develop a system which allows direct access to various parts of the Town. We obviously need a new planning approach. This is also an issue where people in our Ward should have some direct input. What do voters need to know that will compel them to vote for YOU?

People in our Ward should consider voting for me because I intend to be a public servant. The Ward needs some changes and I would continue to keep meeting them at their doors to help determine if there is a municipal priority that requires action. I have no interest in using a place on Council to run for another higher office. I am also not spending thousands of dollars compared to other candidates and prefer to meet voters at the doors. I also have direct experience. I once worked for a senior Toronto City Councillor. I understand what this job is really all about. I helped get results at the Ward level and we enjoyed a very successful re-election campaign.

The 2014 Oakville Municipal election will be held on October 27, 2014. Visit our special Oakville election 2014 section for the latest election news, candidate profiles and more.

Election Q & A with Ann Mulvale

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

Ann Mulvale is a candidate for Ward 5 Councillor in the 2014 Oakville Municipal Elections. What are the platform issues that you are addressing?

I have identified five major areas of concern.

Are You Being Heard at Town Hall?

People tell me the incumbent councillor does not return calls. This is unacceptable. This will end when I represent you. My track record has always been one of responsiveness to you.

I will establish quarterly meetings and when you provide me with your e-mail address, you will receive neighbourhood blasts on specific issues. Let’s start communicating right now. Share your email address with one of the canvassers or at

Traffic Congestion Relief Is within Our Grasp

I will work with local and regional councils to lobby the Province to implement the GO Strategic Plan and inter-regional use of Dundas Street.

Clearly, to improve the quality of life right here, to meet today’s challenges requires a regional response. I will meet the transportation challenge.

Replace the Incumbency Group at Town Hall

There’s no official opposition in municipal politics, so it’s critical that every elected member is completely independent. There should be no entitlement to incumbency.

The sitting mayor’s endorsement of and direct campaigning for his preferred slate of 100% incumbents is wrong. Incumbents who have gladly accepted his endorsement are knowingly short-circuiting the process of elections.

Air Traffic — An Intelligent, Fact-based Approach to Reducing Noise

I am the only regional councillor candidate with a comprehensive approach to resolving the problem as it applies to Ward 5.

* Expand our appeal to include Transport Canada
* Advocate a local noise monitoring station to record decibel levels
* Retain an expert – not elected councillors – to represent our case
* Consult with our MPs in an atmosphere of firm cooperation

No New Taxes

Eliminate waste. First, I believe we need to rationalize every last dollar being spent by Council and eradicate any waste before we even get the vaguest idea of seeking more revenue through additional taxation.

Think differently. If it is proven we need additional resources to maintain the quality of life in Ward 5, the Town of Oakville and the Region of Halton, we need to look at the entire challenge differently, creatively.

Get our fair share. I say people who reside in Ward 5 are already paying enough taxes without the introduction of this stealth-like under-the-radar LTT. We already pay income tax, HST, capital gains tax, gas tax, property tax, and a myriad of others. Instead of imposing another tax, let’s lobby the province and the federal government for our fair share of the considerable sums they collect. I‘ve challenged the established way of doing things before…and I’ve won.

Notify the MPPs. As for immediate action, may I suggest that we engage the Provincial representatives for Oakville and make it very clear to them that a municipal Land Transfer Tax is being discussed during the 2014 Municipal Election? During the recent Provincial Election, both now-MPPs indicated their opposition to a municipal Land Transfer Tax

Let them know that it is not being received favourably. In fact, the incumbent slate that is backing the mayor’s re-election is nervously backing away from his trial balloon.

Any further consideration should require a question on the 2018 Municipal Election ballot.

We respectfully seek an assurance from the Province that no further discussion and/or approval will proceed without a ballot question. What is your unique position in this election

I am a fierce defender of the interests of my constituents – always have been. I believe in smart, open and responsive leadership that acts with independence and urgency. These are qualities that have been lacking in the Ward 5 representation.

Many of you know that my public elected engagement began as the result of concerns and issues in the area that is Ward 5. I have always had a passion to serve my fellow residents.

When the Province imposed increased funding costs for GO transit and welfare on property taxes, I rallied my peers to effect significant relief. That’s the kind of hard work and foresight we need right now.

It is plain to me that right now Oakville needs independent councillors – elected officials with the kind of vision that will protect the quality of life in Oakville over the long term.

I offer my candidacy now because I am seriously concerned about the drift at Town Hall.  I am ready to speak for you, your family needs, and I will not accept that ‘nothing can be done.’

You will always be my first priority. As always, protecting your quality of life will be my highest concern. What do voters need to know that will compel them to vote for YOU?

You are my first concern. I have lived in Ward 5 for over 42 years – and my son, his wife and child live here too.   Not only am I immersed in the life of this Ward, I care about the safety and wellbeing of each person.

I Know Municipal Government!

* Twice President of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario
* Served on the board of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities
* 18 years as Mayor of Oakville
* 5 years as Ward 5 Regional and Local Councillor

A Proven Municipal Track Record

As an elected official, I –

* Obtained Oakville’s fair share of the gas tax;
* Secured a new Municipal Act that empowers Oakville;
* Advocated for community facilities — River Oaks Recreation Centre, Wellspring, and Town Square on Lakeshore Road.

Actively Engaged in our Community

I’m a firm believer in community outreach, passionate about volunteering my time to Kerr Street I’m a firm believer in community outreach, passionate about volunteering my time and money to Kerr Street Ministries, Wellspring and interfaith Women Gathering.

The 2014 Oakville Municipal election will be held on October 27, 2014. Visit our special Oakville election 2014 section for the latest election news, candidate profiles and more.

Election Q & A with Jeff Knoll

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

Jeff Knoll is a candidate for Ward 5 Councillor in the 2014 Oakville Municipal Elections. What are the platform issues that you are addressing?

I’ve had the pleasure of knocking on many doors and have been listening carefully to what you are saying. The issues that I keep hearing are Air Traffic, Taxes, Gridlock, and controlling Growth and Development and its impacts on existing communities. These are all important as well as an issue not getting enough attention- economic development. This is critical to bring jobs closer to home to provide a choice for our citizens that have to commute to work and to help bring down residential taxes.

Air Traffic

A new threat to the livability of our community has come from a different kind of traffic. You can hear it … you can see it … and sometimes you can actually even feel it. I’m referring to air traffic.

The noise and affluent from this air traffic is an unwelcome change to our community’s landscape. After unsuccessfully trying to get the federal government to take responsibility and address concerns raised by our community, I led the town and region’s efforts to work directly with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority.
I took the lead to get action. And we’re seeing some results.

Step one has been to get GTAA to remove the outdated 10 nautical mile limit to their jurisdiction for the reporting and investigation of noise complaints. They told me that this outdated limit will be eliminated as of January 1, 2015.

I’m also working hard to secure a direct voice at the GTAA’s Community Environment and Noise Advisory Committee (CENAC). This means we can express our concerns about the near-constant air traffic noise to the GTAA at their regular meetings. Enough is enough.

Over the last several months I lobbied for and recently received confirmation that Halton Region will finally have representation on GTAA’s Environmental Impacts Working group. It’s a start.

Next term, if re-elected, I will ask Halton Regional Council to nominate a Councillor to take up our seat on the GTAA board so there can be direct community accountability for our citizen’s concerns. Mayor Burton appointed me to Chair a new Mayor’s Advisory Group to work with the GTAA, NAV Canada and Transport Canada to find a way to reduce and mitigate the impacts of air traffic over Oakville.


I’m proud that our Halton & Town Councils, by working together, cut tax-supported debt by 58%. We kept total tax increases to 20% below the inflation rate through the entire 4 year term of Council, and we delivered a 2014 budget with only a 0.7% tax increase – the lowest in 15 years.

If re-elected, I’ll work hard to cap tax increases to inflation or less. I’ll also focus on reducing property taxes by increasing our economic development activity to attract new business to Oakville.

Regional Councilors have a duty to manage the overall tax impact, which includes managing the budgets from the Town, Region and Police, you cannot look at only one component in isolation since there is only one taxpayer. My track record shows that I have done exactly that.


I hear it and I experience it myself – traffic congestion is likely the biggest frustration we all deal with as north Oakville residents.

But the good news is that Metrolinx is already well on its way to implementing the GO Transit strategic plan. Having increased half-hour train service, build a new GO parking garage, and an expanded commuter lot at the 407 and Trafalgar have already helped. Things are starting to move a little better. But there’s much more to be done.

Transportation planning is a multi-stakeholder process. From a government perspective this means the region and the town both play key roles, in addition to the provincial government (largely through Metrolinx).

Locally, we continue to implement the complementary Region and Town Transportation Master Plans that were created with significant community input. I’d like to thank all the Ward 5 residents who added their important voices to transportation policy planning.

If re-elected I will reduce traffic gridlock for residents and local businesses by:

* Widening key intersections and arterials like Trafalgar Road;
* Introducing a traffic light timing system in Oakville to reduce time wasted at red lights and keep traffic moving;
* Maximizing usage of newly purchased and cutting edge technology to time our buses so you will never miss a GO Train connection again.

Growth And Development

This election is about moving Oakville into the future while maintaining the small town feel, our superb municipal services and keeping costs affordable. This unique combination we have in Oakville doesn’t happen by accident and I will continue to speak out to ensure your councils always mitigate the impacts of new growth on existing communities.

To successfully navigate this type of change takes passion and a focused, business-like approach. I have both and am committed to standing firm on this issue.

The current Council has achieved a 33% decrease in new residential growth from the original development projections. Growth is still coming but more slowly now so it can be better controlled. We also increased community facilities by 70% to better serve you and at the same time delivered the smallest tax increase in 15 years. We now leave no money on the table when negotiating with developers and we make developers pay for the costs of growth they are generating. What is your unique position in this election

When I first ran for office in 2000, I wanted to do what I could to keep Oakville the amazing community that it was and is today. At that time, I saw great danger in the constant, almost unchecked, growth that threatened the livability of our community. The Council of the day was not honoring the official and secondary plans that were only approved a few years previously. Since that time, we have made massive progress in protecting green spaces, reducing development, protecting the most cherished aspects of our community and we are defending our well thought out Official Plan and Master Plans. I want to continue to be part of the plan to protect our existing residents from the impact of development, protect the environment and our public health and keep taxes and spending under control. There is so much more to be done and I want to be part of and remain a community leader in combatting traffic gridlock and aircraft noise, empowering our youth and seeking our new economic development opportunities to bring jobs closer to home and to reduce residential taxes. What do voters need to know that will compel them to vote for YOU?

As a four-term Councillor and the CEO of Oakville’s Film.Ca Cinemas, I know how to meet a budget and create local jobs. I believe that Oakville residents should be able to afford to live in Oakville, but also have the opportunity to work here too if they choose to do so.

Oakville is the most livable community in Canada, and we have to work together to maintain our quality of life and provide opportunities for our youth.

If re-elected, I will fight for issues that matter to you. Your vote for me will ensure we:

* Manage and control debt and taxes
* Minimize the impact of growth on existing communities
* Lead Oakville’s efforts to fight air traffic noise over north Oakville
* Continue to build key infrastructure, including roads, transit and recreation centres
* Maintain our roads, roads, sewers and water systems
* Combat traffic congestion
* Keep our status as the safest region in Canada
* Focus on fostering local employment and economic development
* Empower and engage our youth

The 2014 Oakville Municipal election will be held on October 27, 2014. Visit our special Oakville election 2014 section for the latest election news, candidate profiles and more.

What you need to know for Election Day in Oakville

Monday, October 25th, 2010

It is election day in Oakville. Today is your chance to have a say in how our wonderful Town is taken care of for the next four years. We will be voting for one(1) of each Mayor, Councillor and Halton District School Board Trustee candidates, and up to four(4) Halton Catholic District School Board Trustee candidates.

Get out and vote

Vote turnout in 2006 was very low, especially in Ward 4. The polls are open from 10am to 8pm at various locations around town. If you are not sure where your polling location is, look it up here. If you don’t know what Ward you live in, check using these maps.

For last minute research on the candidates, please visit our Oakville Election 2010 section for candidate profiles, interviews, Q&A’s and more.

More info

The team wrote 50+ articles about the election issues and the candidates, click here to browse through them.

For the Mayoral race, here are some handy searches with profiles, interviews, photos and more for the two leading candidates:

Rob Burton
Ann Mulvale

Please remember to vote for your Halton School Board Trustees. Did you know the operating budget for the Halton District School Board is $490 million? That’s more than the annual budget of the Town of Oakville.

Here’s who you will be voting for today. Please get out and vote!


Mayor: Rob Burton, John McLaughlin, Ann Mulvale, Raymond Ray

Ward 1 Town Councillor: Michael Loomans, John McMullen, Ralph Robinson

Ward 1 Town & Regional Councillor: Bob Aceti, Alan Johnston, Linda Oliver

Ward 2 Town Councillor: Stephan Bobesich, Pam Damoff, Joe Giraldi, Bruce Grant, Cheryle McCullagh, John C. Pilcher

Ward 2 Town & Regional Councillor: Cathy Duddeck, Stephen Sparling

Ward 3 Town Councillor: Mary Chapin, Dave Gittings, Nick Hutchins

Ward 3 Town & Regional Councillor: Jean C. Gandubert, Keith Bird

Ward 4 Town Councillor: Brian Burton, Roger Lapworth, Susan Sheppard

Ward 4 Town & Regional Councillor: Allan Elgar, John Foster, Jeff Gareau, Bhupinder Singh Sandhawalia

Ward 5 Town Councillor: Marc Grant, Mark Straub

Ward 5 Town & Regional Councillor: Bruce Jones, Jeff Knoll

Ward 6 Town Councillor: Tom Altobello, Ross Bragdon, Max Khan, Jim Smith, Janice Wright

Ward 6 Town & Regional Councillor: Tom Adams, Doug MacKenzie

Halton Regional Chair: Gary Carr [Acclaimed]

Halton District School Board Wards 1 & 2: Don Vrooman [Acclaimed]

Halton District School Board Ward 3: Georgette Bolger, Sherif Guorgui, Ann Harvey Hope, Jeffrey Percival

Halton District School Board Ward 4: Aman Jaspal, Jennifer Poirier, Kathryn Bateman-Olmstead

Halton District School Board Wards 5 & 6: Kelly Amos, Debbie Renkema

Halton Catholic District School Board: Andrew Cudowski, Anthony Danko, Dianne Delany, Melanie Digiantommaso, Alice Anne LeMay, Paul Marai, Giuseppe Peritore, Ed Viana

Conseil scolaire de district du Centre-Sud-Ouest: Micheline Wylde [Acclaimed]

Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud: Dominique Janssens [Acclaimed]

Election Q&A with Marc Grant

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Marc Grant is a candidate for Ward 5 Town Councillor in The 2010 Oakville Municipal Elections. What are the platform issues that you are addressing?

Marc Grant: I’ve been working towards a number of projects over the last two terms and I want to see them completed properly. Once re-elected I’ll:

• Keep a steady eye on the new Hospital build and ensure that the ‘local share’ cost we pay in 2015 has no impact on the tax base by using funds from the sale of ‘Blink’ and interest payments from investments the Town has made;

• Continue to monitor new development applications to ensure they fit with the Official Plan and the vision of Oakville so we can build healthy, active communities with a mix of housing types while avoiding urban sprawl;

• Keep a closer eye on municipal finances and look for creative ways to cut wasteful spending;

• Press for more facilities and services to engage our youth;

• Persist in ensuring that transparency and public input plays a major role in all decisions made at Town Council;

• Carry on my work with the Town’s Economic Development team and the Oakville Chamber of Commerce to make our town more attractive to companies, such as those in the bio and hi-tech fields, as new business in Oakville will ultimately reduce commute times for our workers while lower residential taxes ;

• Maintain my push to keep our neighbourhoods safe from rowdiness and vandalism through my work with the local police and community groups;

• Persist in finding effective ways to curb speeding — one solution does not fit all cases;

• Keep providing a monthly open forum for residents to ask questions and express concerns as I have over the past years with the ‘drop-in’ meetings at River Oaks Recreational Centre. What is your unique position in this election

Marc Grant: I work together with people and approach every situation with an open mind, bringing my experience, knowledge and compassion to the table, whatever the topics the discussion might revolve around; I believe that municipal government should be inclusive and open to all people. I am comitted (full time) to serving not only the people of Ward 5 but ensuring that your voice and your concerns are heard throughout Oakville as a whole. I will always strive to ensure that discussions work from a base of mutual understanding and agreement. What do voters need to know that will compel them to vote for YOU?

Marc Grant: I am approachable and honest — I break down the issues clearly for people and I will not tell them just what they want to hear; I don’t make promises that I will not see get fulfilled. I have been an independent voice on council and will contiunue to be, I don’t rubber stamp, I research and look at the facts. That is why I encourage the people of Ward 5 to vote for me on Oct 25th.

The 2010 Oakville Municipal election will be held on October 25, 2010. Visit our special Oakville election 2010 section for the latest election news, candidate profiles and more.