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Damoff: Humbled by outcome of election

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

I am humbled by the outcome of the election, and am looking forward to working with Ward 2 residents in the coming four years.

Thanks to my amazing team of friends, family and supporters who worked so hard over the last few months – together we made it happen. Thank you to the other candidates – and especially thank you to the voters for their confidence.

- Pam Damoff, Councillor Ward 2

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Duddeck: Looking forward to the work ahead

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

I am so appreciative of the support I have received throughout this election campaign – yet another example of how much we can accomplish when we work together !

I am looking forward to the work ahead and tackling the issues that face both our Ward and the broader community.

I cannot speak highly enough of my good friend and colleague this past 7 years, Fred Oliver, for all his support and mentoring during my previous 2 terms – a true example of what we all aspire towards….dedication, integrity and excellent representation.

- Cathy Duddeck, Councillor Ward 2

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What you need to know for Election Day in Oakville

Monday, October 25th, 2010

It is election day in Oakville. Today is your chance to have a say in how our wonderful Town is taken care of for the next four years. We will be voting for one(1) of each Mayor, Councillor and Halton District School Board Trustee candidates, and up to four(4) Halton Catholic District School Board Trustee candidates.

Get out and vote

Vote turnout in 2006 was very low, especially in Ward 4. The polls are open from 10am to 8pm at various locations around town. If you are not sure where your polling location is, look it up here. If you don’t know what Ward you live in, check using these maps.

For last minute research on the candidates, please visit our Oakville Election 2010 section for candidate profiles, interviews, Q&A’s and more.

More info

The team wrote 50+ articles about the election issues and the candidates, click here to browse through them.

For the Mayoral race, here are some handy searches with profiles, interviews, photos and more for the two leading candidates:

Rob Burton
Ann Mulvale

Please remember to vote for your Halton School Board Trustees. Did you know the operating budget for the Halton District School Board is $490 million? That’s more than the annual budget of the Town of Oakville.

Here’s who you will be voting for today. Please get out and vote!


Mayor: Rob Burton, John McLaughlin, Ann Mulvale, Raymond Ray

Ward 1 Town Councillor: Michael Loomans, John McMullen, Ralph Robinson

Ward 1 Town & Regional Councillor: Bob Aceti, Alan Johnston, Linda Oliver

Ward 2 Town Councillor: Stephan Bobesich, Pam Damoff, Joe Giraldi, Bruce Grant, Cheryle McCullagh, John C. Pilcher

Ward 2 Town & Regional Councillor: Cathy Duddeck, Stephen Sparling

Ward 3 Town Councillor: Mary Chapin, Dave Gittings, Nick Hutchins

Ward 3 Town & Regional Councillor: Jean C. Gandubert, Keith Bird

Ward 4 Town Councillor: Brian Burton, Roger Lapworth, Susan Sheppard

Ward 4 Town & Regional Councillor: Allan Elgar, John Foster, Jeff Gareau, Bhupinder Singh Sandhawalia

Ward 5 Town Councillor: Marc Grant, Mark Straub

Ward 5 Town & Regional Councillor: Bruce Jones, Jeff Knoll

Ward 6 Town Councillor: Tom Altobello, Ross Bragdon, Max Khan, Jim Smith, Janice Wright

Ward 6 Town & Regional Councillor: Tom Adams, Doug MacKenzie

Halton Regional Chair: Gary Carr [Acclaimed]

Halton District School Board Wards 1 & 2: Don Vrooman [Acclaimed]

Halton District School Board Ward 3: Georgette Bolger, Sherif Guorgui, Ann Harvey Hope, Jeffrey Percival

Halton District School Board Ward 4: Aman Jaspal, Jennifer Poirier, Kathryn Bateman-Olmstead

Halton District School Board Wards 5 & 6: Kelly Amos, Debbie Renkema

Halton Catholic District School Board: Andrew Cudowski, Anthony Danko, Dianne Delany, Melanie Digiantommaso, Alice Anne LeMay, Paul Marai, Giuseppe Peritore, Ed Viana

Conseil scolaire de district du Centre-Sud-Ouest: Micheline Wylde [Acclaimed]

Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud: Dominique Janssens [Acclaimed]

Election Q&A with Stephen Sparling

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Stephen Sparling is a candidate for Ward 2 Town & Regional Councillor in the 2010 Oakville Municipal Elections. What are the platform issues that you are addressing?

Stephen Sparling: I have heard time and time again how Ward Two is passed over? Abandoned is term I keep hearing and I plan on addressing this lack of capital investment in Ward Two.

Case in point: Oakville Arena’s future is not resolved however the Town has built 4 new ice pads in the North and purchased two ice pads. We must stop the gutting of services to the north.

West Oakville Harbour is in desperate need of investment and all we get is it is in the plan but no budget and schedule and it has been going on for years.

Kerr Village Revitalization report is received 2003 but not implemented. Meaning no commitment or capital investment with a schedule

The state of the Town Finances needs immediate attention. This tax and spend policy must stop. I will not vote in favour of a tax increase to fund the 200 million Hospital commitment.

Bring jobs and investment closer to home. Presently Speers Road is dotted with empty buildings and the state of the road looks shabby. The Town is doing nothing to address this potential gold mine of jobs and opportunity. What is your unique position in this election

Stephen Sparling: Ward Two needs a champion. Someone that will scream from the rooftops. Hey we are here and have a lot to offer. With the correct capital investment into Ward Two we could be a major contributor and it takes vision and someone that can get the job done. I believe I am uniquely qualified to get the job done.

Leadership into the immediate future is what Ward Two needs.

Tax Fighter and a proven Regional Municipal legislator.

I was one of the leaders and founders of the Tax payer Coalition and was elected on that platform in 1991.

The time has come again with state of our Town finances for an effective Businessman with Regional experience for nine years to step up

Effective business leader in our community. As President of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce I know what it takes to bring jobs closer to home and help promote a fabulous area like Kerr Village. What do voters need to know that will compel them to vote for YOU?

Stephen Sparling: I have the experience, vision and am a proven community advocate to get the job done and I ask for your vote on October 25th.

The 2010 Oakville Municipal election will be held on October 25, 2010. Visit our special Oakville election 2010 section for the latest election news, candidate profiles and more.

Election Q&A with Cathy Duddeck

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Cathy Duddeck is a candidate for Ward 2 Town & Regional Councillor in the 2010 Oakville Municipal Elections. What are the platform issues that you are addressing?

Cathy Duddeck: The re-development of the vacant Department of National Defense lands (DND) located at Rebecca and Dorval Drive. The community has had a preliminary meeting with the Canada Lands Corporation (CLC) to hear about other developments this department has completed throughout Ontario. The next step will be a meeting involving the public’s participation/input to develop the plans for this site – it is imperative that the community have a say in how this property is developed !

The Old Oakville Arena on Rebecca Street is slated for decommissioning (demolition) in 2012. It is imperative that we not only maintain but enhance a recreational and community use on this site. Shortly after the election I would like to organize a planning exercise that would involve not only Ward 2 but the broader community in ascertaining what they want to see built on this site. A master plan of this publicly owned property has never been competed and given that we have other uses on the property (outdoor pool, tennis courts, basketball, baseball, etc) it would be beneficial to have a comprehensive plan.

Development pressures in our Ward – infill and intensification is always an issue regardless of where you are situated in the ward. What is your unique position in this election

Cathy Duddeck: I am one of only 2 councillors who voted against the local share of funding for Oakville’s new hospital. I did not vote against the hospital – we definitely need a new hospital. What I did not and will not support is any funding proposal that might result in an additional tax burden for Oakville residents. What do voters need to know that will compel them to vote for YOU?

Cathy Duddeck: Voters need to ask themselves – who do I want to work over the next 4 years ? Does that person have a solid record of delivering the best results for the area ? Do they share their vision to enhance and develop the area – while respecting your needs and quality of life ?

As a lifelong resident of Oakville and a resident of Ward 2 for 48 years I possess the knowledge, the experience and the positive working relationships with residents and organizations throughout our community.

I have worked alongside residents, business owners, and community organizations for the past 7 years as their Town Councillor for Ward 2. I bring to the table a balanced approach in addressing issues and concerns and have a record of reaching a consensus on even the most controversial issues.

The 2010 Oakville Municipal election will be held on October 25, 2010. Visit our special Oakville election 2010 section for the latest election news, candidate profiles and more.