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Skateboard Park moving to Glen Abbey?

Thursday, January 20th, 2011
Partially dismantled West Oak Trails skateboard park

The Town of Oakville is inviting residents to a drop-in open house at Glen Abbey Community Centre on January 27 from 7 to 9 p.m. to provide input into a proposed skateboard facility at Glen Abbey Park.

“Given the high concentration of youth in the area and with its proximity to the community centre, Glen Abbey Park is an ideal option for a permanent location,” said Chris Mark, director of Parks and Open Space. “Public input is important and we welcome resident and skateboard park users’ feedback at this open house.”

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Great day at Kinoak skateboard contest

Thursday, August 26th, 2010
Skateboarders during competition at Kinoaks Skateboard ParkJennifer Horn/

Skateboarders line up on the ramp, getting ready to perform tricks during the competition at Kinoaks Indoor Skateboard Park in Oakville.

With this weekend’s skies full of clouds and spurts of rain, the youth of Oakville found refuge in the town’s first indoor skateboarding park where a series of competitions kept them active and dry.

Kinoak Indoor Skateboard Park held it’s first all ages contest on August 21, 2010 where kids and young adults of Oakville were able to skate and compete for five hours in order to win prizes sponsored by Hustler and Flat Spots skateboarding stores.

A number of contests were set up for the 25 participants, the first being ‘Best Trick’ where skaters would tackle three different obstacles and whoever managed to perform the most technically difficult trick took home a prize. The second contest, called S.K.A.T.E, resembled that of basketball’s H.O.R.S.E. Skateboarders would set up a trick and the next participant would have to duplicate it. If they were unsuccessful they would get a letter. The person with each letter of the word ‘skate’ was eliminated from the competition and the last man standing would win the prize. The third and last contest involved skaters performing tricks during a minute long run and once the best runs had been decided, the judges would give prizes to the top three.

Josh Ranells and Josh GoulartJennifer Horn/

Organisers of the competition, Josh Ranells and Josh Goulart, stand outside the Kinoaks Indoor Skateboard Park in Oakville waiting for the next competition to begin.

The organizers of the event, Josh Ranells and Josh Goulart, wanted to create an event that would bring the community together. The construction of the indoor park provided a perfect outlet to do just that. Goulart, who helped build the skate park in June, wanted to start running contests and events for the kids, for the community and also his friends.

“It’s awesome for the town to build this sort of facility for kids to skate,” said Ranells, co-organiser of the event and manager of Hustler. “Usually they would be on the streets skating, so this is great for the kids. It’s pretty much unheard of for a town to build an indoor skate park for kids and then to allow us to bring in a contest.”

Oakville skateboarder Cameron TarhanJennifer Horn/

Oakville skateboarder Cameron Tarhan, 11, skates toward a ramp in order to perform a trick at the Kinoaks Indoor Skateboard Park on Saturday..

For Cameron Tarhan, 11, skateboarding became his favourite thing to do throughout the summer. It was two years ago when he picked up his first skateboard. The young boy came to the indoor park the first month it opened and hasn’t stopped since.

“Once you do a trick you just can’t stop. You just keep progressing and you keep trying new tricks,” said Tarhan. “The competition today is really great. I like the ‘Best Tricks’ the most.”

When asked about the dismantling of the West Oak Trails skateboard park, Ranells was concerned with the amount of money the town spent in doing so.

”I was there for the council meetings when they decided what to do and I feel that the town probably should have researched a little more into where they were going to put it in the first place, before spending a lot of money to tear down the park and then build a new one. It probably would have saved a lot of our tax dollars.”

Kinoak Indoor Skateboard Park plans to continue opening the venue for skateboarders in the summer. It hopes to open a few months earlier next year to allow time for kids to spend more summer days skating and less in the rain.

Skateboard contest at Kinoak Skateboard Park this weekend

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Skateboard fans are invited to cheer on their favourite competitors on Saturday, August 21, 2010 from 12 noon to 5 pm at the Kinoak Indoor Skateboard Park which is located at 363 Warminster Drive in Oakville.

Competitors are invited to participate in a friendly competition for all ages in the Game of S.K.A.T.E., best trick on three mystery spots, and the mini ramp throw down. The Kinoak Indoor Skateboard Park features state-of-the-art equipment including quarter pipes, grind boxes and launch ramps.

“Admission for spectators is free, so gather your friends and family and come check out the action,” said Nina de Vaal, director of Recreation and Culture for the Town of Oakville. “It’s clear to us that skateboarding is beyond a fad and its popularity is growing within our youth community. Come show your support.”

CSA approved helmets must be worn at all times in the skateboard park. Kneepads, elbow pads and other forms of protection, such as shin pads, gloves and wrist guards are strongly recommended. All participants are required to complete a waiver. Participants under 18 years must have the waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

The contest entry fee is $10 per participant. For more information or to download the registration and waiver form, visit or call 905-338-4191.

Dismantling of West Oak Trails skateboard park

Thursday, August 5th, 2010
Partially dismantled West Oak Trails skateboard

West Oak Trails skateboard park partially dismantled on August 4, 2010.

On July 6, 2010, Town of Oakville staff informed the Town Council that the plan to move the West Oaks Trails Skateboard Park to Palermo Park would not occur because of safety concerns for pedestrians having to cross Dundas Street.

UPDATE: Read via twitter from Councillor Jeff Knoll here & Mayor Rob Burton here that the skateboard park will be temporarily relocated to Glen Abbey.

UPDATE 2: The Town of Oakville issued a press release announcing that the Westoak Trails Skateboard Park has been temporarily relocated

Council heard from both sides on the issue

During it’s consultative process on the issue, Town staff and Council heard from many delegations about noise complaints, youth misconduct and the lack of services for youth in Ward 4.

“There are those who want the skateboard park and those who want it removed,” said Chris Mark, Director of Parks and Open Space. “The facility is widely used during the day, usually without incident. However, there have been issues with inappropriate youth activity during evening and night time periods.”

Dismantling the skateboard park

Police called to West Oak Trails

Halton Police were called to West Oak Trails Park on August 4, 2010 due to a commotion while the skateboard park was being dismantled.

On August 4, 2010, the process began of dismantling the skateboard park at West Oak Trails Park – but not without incident.

A crowd of local residents and children were enjoying the nearby playground and watching the events unfold.

During the process of removing parts of the park, two youths confronted and interfered with the dismantling process. The two young men were clearly not happy that the skateboard park was being removed.

Halton Police were called, the two young men were placed in the back of cruisers and eventually ticketed for their interference.

New location for the skateboard park

Although the skateboard park is being removed from West Oak Trails Park, Mayor Rob Burton advised that the Town is actively looking for a new location to host the park that meets the needs and satisfies the concerns of all stakeholders.

The police chief advised me skate parks should be well lit and visible from the road. Council doesn’t pick sites for features in parks, but Council supported moving the installation once it was discovered that the site of the installation didn’t meet the police advice. We are still expanding the number of things for kids to do, we’re just trying to make sure we all can live with the results.

It should be noted that the skateboard park at West Oak Trails Park was not well lit, nor was it visible from the road.

In a recent report, Town staff noted that, “a similar skateboard facility was installed at Iroquois Ridge Community Centre and has had little to no inappropriate youth activity … the reasons could relate to the facility being next to a busy community centre and within close range of video surveillance cameras.”

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Skateboard park not being moved to Palermo

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

This past Tuesday town staff informed the Oakville Town Council that the plan to move the West Oaks Trails Skateboard Park to Palermo Park would not occur – because of safety concerns for pedestrians having to cross Dundas.

Members of the community expressed their concerns over this issue in our recent article titled Oakville is anti community (Please see the comments section)

Many young skateboarders would need to cross the multiple lanes of traffic on Dundas to visit Palermo Park.

“At this time we are unable to relocate the skateboard park to Palermo Park for safety concerns of pedestrians who may wish to walk, cycle, or skateboard to Palermo Park,” Chris Mark said – the Town Director of Parks and Open Space.

“We’re not eliminating the skateboard park from Palermo Park, we’re deferring it at this time,” he said. “We do have plans for the skateboard park for the future, but that will not occur until pedestrian improvements are made along Dundas.”

The decision to move the skateboard park out of West Oak Trails Park was made on June 1 – alongside complaints from residents, and reports from town staff of noise and late night skateboarding.

One week prior to the June 1 meeting – skateboarders and parents made the case not move the park. Many residents who wanted the park moved also appeared to voice their concerns.

“I’m very upset that the park is being relocated especially for the reasons it’s being relocated,” said John Foster – an Oakville resident.

“There is no guarantee that when the park is gone there won’t be kids loitering the park. I have a young song, and even if he goes to Palermo, he can’t go there himself for a number of years. This is really the only place that he can go by himself.“

“We’re spending an untold amount of money for something as simple as a skateboard park. It’s not a huge facility and I really think it should stay there,” Foster said.

Foster hopes the park can stay below Dundas.

“They need to be in a spot in their own neighborhood where they can go,” Cathy Blakley said at the meeting, another Oakville resident.

“Skateboarding is a big boom in that area, those kids enjoy it.”

In the meantime – the West Oak Trails Skateboard Park will still be removed in late July after planned skateboard lessons are completed at that park.

Town staff will be looking into alternative locations for the park immediately.