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Smart Tips to a Great Job Interview

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

When it comes time for an interview, you can make a great impression with a little research about the company and competition.

Here are some things that can help with your research:

  • Visit the company website. This might seem like an obvious tip, but I’m surprised by how many people don’t check it out.  Or they do, but other than looking around, they don’t retain much information about the company. Look for the mission or vision statement. Look for the values. Look for an indication about the culture or the kind of people who work there. Before you go on the interview make sure you see alignment between your goals and that of the company. The same goes for your values.
  • Check out the Alexa rating ( of the website. How much traffic the website gets will tell you about the health of the business. Check out the ratings of the competition too.
  • Check out the LinkedIn profile for the person you are interviewing with. Look for people you may both know, places where your careers crossed paths and similar interests. Visiting the company LinkedIn page will help you identify people in your network who work for or know people who work for the company. You can also check out Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to learn more about the products or services and the company culture.
  • Research the competitors. It can be helpful to know the competitive landscape and direct threats from competitors. People who take the time to learn about competitors generally have a better understanding of the challenges the business faces.
  • Try out the product or service if it makes sense. Companies, and interviewers in particular, like to hear from people who have given the products a try and who share their thoughts about the good parts and the not so good parts. Sharing ideas for how you would improve the product will demonstrate some of your skills. Relate your experience as a consumer to what you could do in your role.
  • Last, but not in any way least, prepare your own questions. Don’t let the interview be one sided when it comes to questions. Collect your thoughts and form questions you would like to have answered. It is important to share your concerns too.  For instance, sharing that you have experience in traditional marketing but not in online marketing and asking how the company can help you get up to speed will put your mind at ease.
  • Longo’s New Milton Store is Hiring This Weekend

    Wednesday, September 21st, 2011
    Longo's Milton: The Longo Family Celebrating a New Milton Longo's Store November 30th 2011

    The Longo Family

    Longo’s will be opening a new store in Milton early in December (currently scheduled for Nov 30!). They are in the process of hiring outstanding team members to serve their customers!

    The new store is designed to appeal to the lifestyle enthusiast, time-starved families and for people looking for an escape from life’s hectic routines.

    Longo’s Milton Management team will be interviewing applicants on September 23rd and 24th to interview for the 175 potential team members. To ensure continuity of the high level of customer service that Longo’s is known for, the new store will open under the leadership of team members transferred from existing stores as well as new team members from Milton and the surrounding community. The goal: a seamless opening and an exciting environment for the families of Milton to enjoy – right from the beginning!

    Click here to submit your application for the Milton store.

    “Our Milton store will represent everything Longo’s stands for … outstanding team members who are passionate about food and the customers they serve,” said Anthony Longo, President and CEO.


    Whole Foods Job Fair on August 16th

    Monday, August 15th, 2011
    Whole Foods Market Oakville

    Whole Foods Market in Oakville is holding a job fair on Tuesday August 16th at the Holiday Inn at 590 Argus Road from noon to 4 pm.

    This will be a great opportunity for anyone looking to become a part of the Whole Foods team in Oakville on a full time basis.

    “We are growing quite a bit,” France Fournier said, the Marketing and Community Relations Specialist at Whole Foods in Oakville.

    “We just opened our new store at Square One Mississauga, and some of our team members have moved over to the Square One store. So we’re looking to replenish our team. September is typically the time of year that we do a lot of hiring and a lot of our summer students go back to school. There’s a bit of transition that goes on at this time of year.”

    Click here to complete the online application form.