Registration Opens at Oakville Academy for the Arts

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Ballet at the Oakville Academy for the Arts

Ballet at the Oakville Academy for the Arts

The Oakville Academy for the Arts has been giving Oakville a healthy dose of fine art, dance and music for the last nine years. This fall marks registration for their award-winning preschool program, but spaces are filling up fast.

“We’re a premiere performing arts education institution that allows children and adults of all ages to pursue their passion for dance, music, and musical theatre,” Heidi McMeekan explained, director of The Oakville Academy for The Arts.

The academy offers a wide range of programs such as fine arts, dance, musical theatre, Jazzerscize and as well as their award-winning preschool program.

McMeekan notes that their preschool classes stand out as one of the best in the community. It’s a Reggio Emilia inspired program, which is a self-guided education philosophy first developed in Italy after the Second World War. The program ensures that students will spend their vital preschool years developing skills and habits that will help them become inspired creative learners. They offer two, three and five day enrollment programs as well as afternoon classes called the Afternoon Arts Adventure Programs. The classes focus on self-expression, problem solving, imagination, sensory-awareness and social communication. It’s intended for children that are three years of age, and is designed to lead into the academy’s junior and senior kindergarten programs.

“It’s a very unique program,” she said. “It’s very small, very nurturing and exceptionally unique because of the people who work in it.”

As for McMeekan, she first began dance lessons at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto when she was four, and cites that experience as inspiration for her work today.

“I found that environment very inspiring,” she said. “When I moved from room to room there were so many different things happening. That’s exactly the concept we offer here. There’s dance going on in some rooms, fine arts in another, music in another room. All these things are happening simultaneously under one roof.”

She encourages anyone interested in the arts, or anyone that is considering enrolling their child in an art program – to come by and visit the academy. Programs are available for all age groups that have an interest in music, dance, rock guitar, ballet and theater. The academy also offers programs for adults.

The Oakville Academy of Arts is located at 1011 Upper Middle Road. For more information on the academy or their preschool program visit or call 905 844 ARTS.

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