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Fogolars Country Club is a little known gem located at 2026 Lower Base Line, Oakville. This club features a very large picnic area with barbecues that can be used if you bring your own charcoal.

The park also has a children’s play area, soccer field, picnic tables and a pool. It is recommended that you bring some folding chairs for maximum comfort. The admission fee is $6 per person and $2 for children under 10 years old.

Kelso Conservation area is great for outdoor enthusiasts. You can enjoy a swim at a sandy beach or fish for trout in the inviting lake. Picnics on the beach are bound to be fun. Kelso also offers biking trails through the Niagara Escarpment and hiking through the Bruce Trails.

Hilton Halls Conservation Area is surrounded by forested parklands with trails for nature walks, picnic areas and fire pit locations. There is a 10 metre waterfall that drops over the Niagara Escarpment.

Here is a list of other parks in Oakville.

The Food to Bring

Families usually bring a variety of both prepared foods and proteins to grill.  Here are some of the fun foods to bring:

- Baked beans
- Pasta Salad
- Potato Salad
- Chips and dip
- Fresh carrot and celery sticks
- Hotdogs
- Strawberries
- Melons like cantaloupe and watermelon
- Cookies and cupcakes

Of course, beverages are important as well. Bottled water is best so everyone will stay hydrated and not get overheated. Fruit juices or lemonade are other good choices.

Bringing Play Things

Not much is needed, but each child can bring one or two toys. The dog is a good buddy to have along, and dogs need to run outdoors. Balls, Frisbees and jump ropes are excellent toys to bring.

Other Items to Pack

Besides water, other items to bring on an outdoor outing help the day go better like the following:

- Antibiotic cream
- Cameras to capture the special moments
- Cell phone
- Bandages
- Sunscreen
- Towels and blankets
- Wet wipes

Relaxing and Having Fun

Planning and getting things organized before heading out the door helps make the family event a success. Of course, something will be forgotten and the day may not happen without mishap. However, the main idea for going on a picnic at any of Halton Region’s popular outdoor spots is to have a good time together and relax.


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