Oakville Power Plant Letter from Tim Peterson

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Dear Oakville.com,

As the former MPP from Mississauga South I have been watching the power plant discussions in South Oakville/Mississauga with great interest. As you will recall one of the reasons I left the McGuinty government and ran as a Progressive Conservative was the lack of fairness and vision of McGuinty wanting to put 3 power plants into the region.

The McGuinty government has already contracted the first one: a gas fired plant on the border of Mississauga South and Mississauga East near a hospital and a creek. The second one could have been built at Lakeview except the effective opposition of Jim Tovey and the Lakeview Ratepayers Association converted Hazel McCallion to their cause a by articulating a vision of the waterfront that included parks, marinas, walkways, retail, town houses, and condominiums not a polluting power plant. All that vision from a volunteer rate payers association.

It is wonderful to hear the local Oakville leaders such as Peter Turkington and community activist Doug McKenzie speak against the third proposed plant in the area. As you may know the airshead in the Mississauga South/Oakville area is already 14% more polluted than the rest of Ontario and if this plant is built it will add 3059 metric tons of toxic emissions and 254 tons of ultra fine particulate matter to this stressed airshead.

While Kevin Flynn MPP Oakville, Charles Sousa MPP Mississauga South have all heard the voices that elected them their leadership on this local issue has obviously been ineffective. Rather than Kevin Flynn using his position as Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Energy to make an effective case for his constituents he accepted a transfer to another portfolio. In Charles Sousa’s campaign against me he said his voice would be listened to at Queens Park whereas mine had not been. For the benefit all I hope Charles delivers on his campaign promise.

Last Monday we heard that Hazel McCallion is taking the issue to Chief Medical Officer of Ontario. Clearly this is an innovative and creative approach from Canada’s oldest elected official. Well done Hazel.

Tim Peterson, Oakville Resident, Former MPP

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7 Responses to “Oakville Power Plant Letter from Tim Peterson”

  1. Jimmie McWinnie says:

    What is Ford Canada’s role in the selection of the site?

  2. Julia says:

    Jimmie, I believe that Ford is selling the property to Trans Canada. If I am wrong, someone please correct me.

    • Jimmie McWinnie says:

      Hi, I agree with other comments regarding Ford. They need to understand the community concerns over having a huge power plant so close to residents/schools etc. I just sent a email to their corp. office.

  3. rick says:

    Sounds like burning natural gas is not such a good idea.

    Anybody know how much pollutants that we are individually adding to the airshed with all our gas appliances (furnaces, hot water heaters, gas fireplaces, BBQs, swimming pool heaters, patio heaters, outdoor lights, garage heaters, gas clothes dryers, stoves, home generators, etc) ??

    Should we be concerned that we’re getting too reliant on natural gas for many of our household energy needs?

    • Peter says:

      Burning Natural Gas to generate electricity is not the best use for this non-renewable resource. If you burn it in a high efficiency combined cycle power plant like the one proposed in Oakville it will 65% efficient at best, if you burn it in a high efficiency gas furnace it will be over 90% efficient. Most other uses are small and very inefficient.

      The Clarkson Airshed study lists the amount of pollution from various sources, residential is small compared to industrial or vehicular.

      The main issue with the Oakville plant is its proximity to homes, schools and offices. It’s less than 1/2 km upwind from an established neighbourhood, and within 3 km of over 10,000 people. The location is totally inappropriate to the point of being irresponsible, hopefully the provincial government will wake up in time to save their reputation.

  4. Michael says:

    I think it’s time for Ford to show some responsibilty in all this. They are an important member of our community yet seem to be ignoring what the community wants. Are they only concerned about getting the money? Feels like betrayal to me.

  5. Irene says:

    Mr. Peterson I think you are out of date on some of your information. Mr. Flynn was Parliamentary Assistant to Minister of the Environment not Energy. You of all people should know the difference. Secondly the Eastern/Greenfield site at Loreland Avenue in East Mississauga, which got the nod from the McGuinty government while you were still in office, has not seen a shovel since. Morgan Stanley has been deployed to find 380+ million for this company.
    The Eastern/Greenfield site is much closer to homes, small business and sensitive land use The Etobicoke Creek… than the Ford property which we visited on the weekend. That is not to say the 900 MW NO T 975 MW natural gas plant is so good that it does not deserve criticism, the main issue should be the emissions, and even lay people know that emissions travel all over the place, depending on which way and when, the wind blows.
    THIS I maintain is the issue… controlling the emissions. Interim Control Bylaws and Air by laws ( not under municipal jurisdiction, rather provincial and federal ) are useless and the only people who benefit are lawyers.

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