November is Adoption Awareness Month in Ontario

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All children deserve to have a forever family

Ontario’s Children’s Aid Societies are spreading the message throughout Adoption Awareness Month that all children and youth deserve to have forever families and lifelong connections they can count on.

What is a forever family? It’s a lifelong, permanent connection to an adult through adoption, legal custody, kinship care (care by a relative or someone known to the child), or customary care. Having this connection is extremely important as it provides an adult for children and youth to turn to through all of life’s celebrations and challenges, a safe place to come home to, and a sense of stability. Last year, more than 830 children were connected to their forever family by adoption through the public system, including ten in the Halton Region.

In Ontario, there are over 8,000 children and youth in the care of children’s aid societies who are looking for their forever family; there are an average of 164 children and youth currently in care of the Halton CAS. In Halton, over 75% of our children and youth in care are over the age of 13, yet they represent a very small percentage of those being adopted. Regardless of their age or situation, all of these children and youth need a permanent connection. To help support this, in June the government of Ontario announced subsidies to families who adopt or become legal custodians to sibling groups and/or youth over the age of ten years.

Help find forever families for Ontario’s children and youth. Visit for more information on adopting through Ontario’s public adoption system.

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