March Break Crafts and Activities

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March break is here and if you are looking for ideas that will spark their creativity and include a bit of learning, how about some Spring activities?

Plant Seeds

Kids love to plant seeds and it’s a great learning activity. If you have space for an outdoor garden, work with your children around what they want to plant. Grab some flower pots and get the seeds growing indoors. Some of the easiest things to plant include tomatoes and squash, though keep in mind that squash will need a lot of room to grow. If you don’t have much outdoor garden space, remember that you can container grow tomato plants. Another idea is to start some container herbs. The easiest is basil, though coriander is also a good choice for a sunny space.

If you are thinking about flowers, some of the easiest to grow include nasturtiums and zinnias. To make it a great activity for the kids, save up your egg cartons and use those to start the seeds. Then help them make a calendar (nothing special, a simple check list will do) so that the kids can do the watering.

Don’t forget to make some markers (so you know what is growing) for the garden. Instead of labels, though, why not paint some rocks? You can paint the name of the plant directly on the rock and then add some color. If you have time, you can even make a colorful border out of decorated rocks. Make sure you pick a paint that is waterproof and do the painting in an area where you won’t mind a little ‘overflow,’ if one of your artists gets a little too creative!

Make a Bird Feeder

Another great spring-minded activity is a bird feeder. One of the simplest feeders is made from pine cones, peanut butter and seeds. It’s as easy and as fun as it sounds. Just ‘paint’ the pine cones with peanut butter and then drizzle them with seeds. They can be hung on a branch outside.

If you want, look online with your children so that they can learn about the birds in their area. Download a few coloring pages of birds that frequent your backyard. That way your children will be able to identify the visitors at their feeder. You can even create a ‘birdwatchers’ book that you can keep by the window. Every time they see a particular bird, they can put a check mark next to the picture. Male birds are usually much more colorful than female birds, so they can easily learn to spot the ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ birds. You might also want to ‘research’ some of the best places to hang those feeders. Birds like a sunny open area. They like to know they can fly away if a predator is nearby!

Finally, while you’re waiting for plants to grow, how about making a few for your refrigerator? You can make some flowers out of construction paper. Let your child design the flower to their satisfaction, then use a hot glue gun (this is the part where an adult will need to help) to adhere them to a magnet. You can make an entire garden in your kitchen, with just an hour of creativity.


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