Make Valentines Day a Family Celebration

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Valentine’s Day isn’t just a celebration of love for couples only. It’s a day to remember everyone in your life that you love, including your family and friends. Below are ten fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your friends and family.

1. Tea Party – Host a yearly Valentine’s Day tea party for the women in your family. Make all the foods Valentine’s inspired, and give every person a little Valentine favor. If the family isn’t into tea, host a dinner party or wine tasting party. Have every person go around the dinner table and say something special about every person attending.

2. A Valentine’s Packed Lunch – Pack a Valentine’s lunch for someone in the family to take to work or school. Some of the things you can pack: a heart-shaped peanut butter sandwich, pretzels shaped in X’s and O’s, heart-shaped cookies, red peppers cut into the shapes of hearts or X’s and O’s and a mushy Valentine’s note.

3. Chick Flick Night – Even if you’re not single, choose a night during Valentine’s week and watch some cheesy, romantic movies with your girlfriends, sisters, mom or lover. Have lots of snacks, wine and tissues of course.

4. Valentine’s Taste Party – Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for someone with a sweet tooth. Host a tasting party with lots of sweet treats for family and friends to sample.

5. Valentine’s Game Night – Have a game night at home but play with Valentine’s Day themed games. How about Valentine’s Day Jeopardy or Charades? Family Feud actually has a Valentine’s Day edition of the game available.

6. White Cupid Dinner – Have a fun dinner that’s a spin on the “White Elephant” game and play “White Cupid” instead. Use really cheesy and mushy Valentine’s Day inspired gifts. Have a special Valentines award for the person with the craziest present! Or, you do a spin of the “Secret Santa” game with “Secret Cupid”.

7. Kid’s Valentines- Remember years ago when you got those cute little Valentine’s from all your classmates? Why not go back in time and buy a few packs of kiddie Valentine’s with your favorite characters and give them to everyone you know. It puts a nice smile on people’s faces, and writing them can be great fun!

8. Weekend Trip – If you’re not in a relationship, why not have a fun girl’s road trip full of chocolate, wine tasting, brunches and dancing? This is the perfect way to celebrate love with friends just having a good time together.

9. Give Love Back – Valentine’s Day is about warm feelings and love, so why not spread those warm feelings? Get out and volunteer doing something to make others happy. Visit a children’s hospital, or spend some time helping out at a nursing home. These things go a long way.

10. Something For You – Spoil yourself with something special on Valentine’s Day. This might be your favorite cup of coffee, Valentine’s chocolates, perfume or fresh flowers. Do something for yourself.

These are just ten of many great ways you can share your love on Valentine’s Day with others.


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