Ice Storm Update

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Town crews continue to clean up after the ice storm. Salt and sand trucks have been out all weekend and will continue overnight to ensure the safety of our roads. Residents are asked to stay off the roads tonight and to use extreme caution if venturing out.

Traffic lights that are down should be treated as four-way stops.

Fallen trees and tree limbs

There are a significant number of fallen trees and tree limbs down throughout the town. Forestry crews are working as quickly as possible to remove downed trees. Trees blocking roads will be removed first. The focus right now is on priority roads and routes to allow for emergency access.

Reporting Damage

Residents are asked to call ServiceOakville at 905-845-6601until 8 p.m. tonight to report critical issues only such as trees blocking roads. All other calls should wait until tomorrow.

Please be patient as operators are experiencing a very high volume of calls.

Downed hydro wires

Residents are asked to stay clear of fallen trees, limbs and power lines. Do not touch any trees or branches that have come in contact with any hydro wires. To report downed power lines please contact Oakville Hydro at 905-825-9400.

Call 911 for emergencies.

Power outages

You can find information on power outages at Residents can also call 905-825-9400 or follow them on Twitter. The town would like to remind residents without power to never leave burning candles unattended. When you go out or go to sleep, always blow out the candles.The Ontario Fire Marshal  has posted a number of safety precautions that should be followed during a power outage.

Due to intermittent power outages, the following town facilities will remain open all night if residents need a warm place to stay. Residents should bring whatever they need to be comfortable.

  • Glen Abbey Community Centre
  • Queen Elizabeth Park Community Centre
  • Iroquois Ridge Community Centre

Information and updates

Residents should continue to monitor weather reports and be prepared should further outages occur. The Town will continue to post updates on its website (, Twitter and Facebook.

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