Hiking and Biking Off the Beaten Path

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Halton Region offers hikers and bikers plenty of beautiful, lively trails for their outdoor pleasures. Before you begin your journey to a new trail, you should keep certain safety and preparedness tips in mind. Always have a fully-charged cell phone prior to your hiking or biking trip. If you get lost or injured, you will need to be able to call for help.

You should also hydrate yourself with plenty of cold water before your trip begins and during your trip. Dehydration is the number one cause of illnesses while people are enjoying the great outdoors. You should also remember to pack lightly for your hiking or biking adventure. You don’t want to get tired too soon into the trip and be miserable the rest of the way while you lug around more weight than you would like.

Now that you have yourself ready to go, you can hit the trails in the region. Snyder Forest is a popular destination for those looking for fun with hiking and biking trails. The way the trees fold over your head along the path makes for a fascinating view while you make your way through the woods. There are trails for bikes as well as trails for those who would like to explore on foot. The trails here are easier for beginners, younger children, and elderly adventurers as well. Once you get used to the trails at Snyder Forest, you could move on to a more challenging environment.

Sixteen Mile Creek may just be that next destination for you. Halton Region residents who are interested in trails love the winding turns along the creek. If you get too warm during your bike ride or hike, you can simply jump into the creek and get cooled off before resuming activity. There are some elevation changes at this particular site, which is what makes it a challenge for hikers and bikers with some experience. Younger children and older adults who don’t quite have the ability to reach the end of these trails should probably avoid them.

Rattlesnake Point is a set of trails that are more suitable for advanced nature enthusiasts. Only after you’ve had a few years of experience should you try to bike or hike these trails. It can get very hot and humid in the summer as you make your way up to the top of Rattlesnake Point. Reaching the top is an accomplishment that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Enjoy Summer it goes by fast…


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