The Green Bean Coffee House

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I first visited the Green Bean Coffee House earlier this year after a nutritionist recommended it to me as a natural foods coffee shop. The coffee house is conveniently located at 210 Lakeshore Rd. East in Town Square – the heart of downtown Oakville. The space inside is nicely decorated in a modern style café with a lovely patio outside. They have arranged the tables quite close together in the small space, which doesn’t leave much room for us mothers trying to navigate with a stroller through the narrow walking space.

The Green Bean offers a variety of sandwiches, salads, bagels, desserts, coffees and a unique variety of teas. I have really enjoyed every visit to this shop. Their sandwiches are original, flavorful and are made with quality ingredients, which in my experience is pretty rare as most sandwiches served at coffee shops are not more that some processed salty meat served on an equally processed tasting bread. Of the teas I have tried, their Lemon Grass/Jasmine tea is my favorite. It is served in a quaint silver teapot and the aroma is to die for.

To get a good idea of their offering, here’s a link to their menu of teas and coffees.

I recommend The Green Bean Coffee shop for its quality food and nice atmosphere. A couple things to keep in mind are that the coffee shop doesn’t seem to be kid friendly and the prices are high, but quality comes with a price.


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Address: 210 Lakeshore Rd. East, Oakville, Ontario
Telephone: 905-844-1286
Hours: Open seven days

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