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We always manage to tell everyone we know about our bad experiences with customer service that seem to almost prevail in our shopping experience. Well I think we should also share our positive experiences as well, so here goes mine.

I usually visit Beachy Keen – a swimwear and accessories store – a couple times a year and buy items such as swimming suits, beach bags and sandals. Even though it is one of my favorite stores I am by no means a regular customer. At the beginning of the summer I went by the store and found the most comfortable and yet stylish beach sandals there and promptly bought a pair. These sandals are so comfortable that they became my every day shoes for the entire summer.

Unfortunately at the end of the summer the plastic flower decorating the top of one of the sandals just fell off one day, leaving the sandals unusable. This probably happened because I wore them every day for three months. I was disappointed because I had hoped to keep them for at least two summers. I had already come to terms that the sandals were beyond repair when my husband suggested that I go back and ask the proprietor if she could do something about getting the sandals repaired. I went to the store and without a blink of an eye the proprietor said she could help me.

The proprietor said she would contact the manufacturer and get the sandals replaced. Within a week I got a call from the store letting me know my replacement sandals had arrived. Now this is what I had forgotten existed in retail shopping – Good Customer Service.

I know it’s just a pair of sandals but in today’s economic environment we shouldn’t just perceive items we buy as disposable.

Beachy Keen is a swimming wear and accessories store and is located in down town Oakville at 176 Lakeshore Road.

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  1. Thank you for this kind review. I take pride in taking care of my customers and standing behind the products I sell. It is nice to know that it is appreciated!!
    I hope you are still enjoying your sandals!
    Katie Badovinac, Owner, Beachy Keen Swimwear and Accessories

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