Family Day Fun in Halton

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Family Day is a special day set aside for families to spend time together. Positioned roughly in the middle of New Year’s Day and Good Friday, Family Day provides families all across Canada with an extra-long weekend to take a mini vacation or plan a day trip.

Rather than a lazy day around the house, take a day to explore all of the possibilities that Halton has to offer. Just a short drive away, here are a few ideas of fun things to do around Halton.

If you’re in Burlington on this day, you might want to head over to the Royal Botanical Gardens, the biggest botanical garden in Canada, for the Family Day Feast. This sumptuous meal is available at the Gardens Cafe.

The Mountsberg Conservation Area and Discovery Centre in Campbellville, meanwhile, celebrates this holiday with an event called “Tales by a Winter’s Fire.” It’s just as pleasant as its name suggests: Guests hike in the woods, ride horse-drawn sleighs, and sit around a bonfire to savor hot dogs and toasted marshmallows as well as one another’s company.

For its part, Halton Hills goes to great lengths to keep residents and visitors constantly busy. Its Recreation and Parks Department provides a wide variety of free activities. Among the festivities are swimming sessions, face-painting stations, and hockey matches for children. These goings-on take place at such venues as the Acton Arena and Community Centre, the Gellert Community Centre, and Mold-Masters SportsPlex. In addition, the Halton Hills Cultural Centre shows movies in the afternoon, and the Terra Cotta Conservation Area — which includes a picturesque lake and a pristine forest — offers hiking and cross-country skiing expeditions.

In Milton, the Glen Eden Ski and Snowboard Center, which is situated on the gorgeous Niagara Escarpment, adds some creative Family Day twists to its typical roster of winter sports. A professional disc jockey is on hand, and there are giveaways throughout the day. Further, you can participate in a variety of athletic competitions at the Milton Leisure Centre: Basketball, dodgeball, and floor hockey are just a few examples.

Are you in the mood for a more subdued Family Day experience? If so, head over to the Oakville Public Library to hear a story or to the Oakville Museum to view a performance by the group Scottish Country Dance. You can also visit Oakville’s River Oaks Community Centre in order to have your picture taken as you sit on a Zamboni. Of course, plenty of Family Day action occurs in this town as well, including a kids’ obstacle course at the Gymnastics Club, snorkeling at Centennial Pool, and hockey at Joshua’s Creek Arenas.

The Town of Oakville invites you and your family to the sixth annual Make Your Move Family Day. There are  more than 100 different activities at 12 great locations across Oakville. Click here to access the full schedule.


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