Easy Hostess Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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Holiday Cookies

The holiday season brings friends and family together for many occasions like special dinners, sharing a cup of holiday cheer or tree trimming parties.  It`s always an honour to be invited into someone`s home and there is no greater time than the holidays to show your friends just how much you appreciate them.  Instead of bringing the standard bottle of wine to your next party, package it up with the gift of homemade goodness.  There are so many options that you can choose from which won`t tax your time or wallet but will certainly make you be remembered the next time your friends are making their invitation list!  Here are few of my favourite gifts for giving.

  • Prepare your favourite cookie dough and freeze.  Package the frozen cookie dough along with the recipe and give to the hostess to place in her freezer.  This way she can bake the cookies at a later date to enjoy.
  • If you don`t have time to bake, purchase specialty baked goods and package them in a beautiful reusable basket with pretty holiday napkins.  Whoopie pies with fun fillings like Salted Caramel and Bailey`s Irish Cream are popular choices this year.
  • Mini potted rosemary bushes are easy to find this time of year and make a fragrant and long lasting gift the hostess can use for weeks to come or purchase several small herb plants and nestle them together in a pretty basket with a favorite recipe card for using each herb.
  • Merry Martinis – Package up 2 martini glasses with a mini bottle of vodka and gourmet olives for the host to enjoy on their own with their partner.
  • Dip store bought candy canes or interesting-flavored candy sticks in melted semi-sweet chocolate and let harden. Wrap in cellophane with bows to be used as coffee or tea stirrers. These are nice tucked into a pretty coffee mug or a flea market tea cup find.
  • Chocolate and wine pairings are hot this year so do a little research and pick a gourmet chocolate and match it with a wine for your host.  With any luck, they`ll share it with you!
  • Prepare your favourite spice blend (experiment with flavours you love!) and package it up in a pretty tin and include a gift certificate to a local butcher or a recipe card on how you would use the blend.
  • The Day After Basket – With a little cheekiness, package up headache medicine, bottled water and a gift certificate to a local coffee shop as a hostess gift for your next cocktail party!

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