Creating Meaningful Easter Family Traditions

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Easter may not have the commercial draw of Christmas, but it’s still an important holiday. This year, establish your own Easter tradition to help make the holiday more powerful and meaningful for your family. Here are a few traditions that you can easily add to your plans for this year.

The Traditional Meal

Thanksgiving has turkey and Christmas calls for ham, but what do you serve on Easter? Come up with a traditional meal that you’ll offer every year. It can be something that makes good use of those boiled eggs, or it can be a dish like lasagna. What’s important is the routine of repeating the meal every year and making it an annual tradition.

Learn Some Crafts
The crafts don’t even have to be something you’d do at home. Look in your local area to see if there are places that offer classes on making pottery, blowing your own glass or doing other interesting crafts. Make it an annual thing to return for another class and see how your skills improve from one year to the next.

Switch up the Egg Hunt
You love having the kids hunt for eggs, but it’s time to switch things around this year. After the kids find their eggs, let them hide a batch for the adults which allows everyone to join in the fun. Another option is to hide just one egg and give them a series of clues to find the main egg.

Explore how Different Religions Observe the Holiday
If you want your kids to have a greater appreciation of the season and holiday, then research together how different religions observe the holiday. You may choose to attend some services or prepare some of the meals that different cultures eat on those days.

Send out Cards

People spend time in November preparing their Christmas cards to let family and friends know that they’re thinking of them. You can bring this tradition into the spring by making cards together as a family. Send them out a few weeks ahead of time to help your friends get into the Easter season.

There are so many traditions you can start as a family. Whether you decide to take a family portrait every year or work on a specific craft, you’ll start to look forward to the annual event and the tradition. It will also give this holiday more meaning within your family and help build the anticipation for your children.


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