Charity BBQ for Dog Rescuers

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Dr. Rose Bloomberg and staffKelly Gorven/

Dr. Rose Bloomberg and the staff at Iroquois Ridge Veterinary Hospital.

On Saturday September 25, 2010, Dr. Rose Bloomberg and her staff at Iroquois Ridge Veterinary Hospital held their very first charity barbeque. All the money raised, was donated to the Dog Rescuers of Oakville.

“It’s an Oakville based charity. It’s an adoption agency where they will rescue animals,” said Rebecca, Client Care Specialist and Vet Assistant at Iroquois Ridge Veterinary Hospital as well as the event mastermind. “There are lots that are in need of a home right now.”

The staff at the clinic hoped not only to raise funds for Dog Rescuers of Oakville, but to also raise awareness of the organization and the help many dogs around the country require.

“We want more people to adopt rescued dogs. We have a lot of people lately that are going through Kijiji and don’t know what they’re getting. There are so many puppies out there that need homes too,” said Dana Collette, Vet Assistant at the veterinary hospital.

“They [Dog Rescuers of Oakville] take good care of them, they all have their vaccines. People don’t know what you’re getting when they buy online,” Collette said.

Last year, the clinic created a calendar featuring glamour shots of a variety of their patients. All proceeds collected from the calendars purchased, were donated to the Oakville Humane Society.

“I think that they’re [Dog Rescuers of Oakville] kind of off the radar as an organization, so I think that they need a little bit more support sometimes. People will think to give to the Humane Society, but not many will think to donate to Dog Rescuers,” Collette said.

Dog Rescuers is an Oakville based organization that finds new homes for abused or abandoned dogs. All dogs are vetted, vaccinated and nursed back to health before a new owner adopts them. They are a not-for-profit, volunteer based organization that cannot help these dogs out without the assistance of donations.

“I have a real soft spot for four-footed friends. They are kind of defenseless and depend on us for help when they need it. When I heard about the barbeque, I just couldn’t pass it up and wanted to help,” said Gary McLean whose cat Molly the Wonder Cat is a patient at Iroquois Ridge Veterinary Hospital. “There’s a satisfaction of knowing that we’re helping an animal. Lots of animals need help.”

The family fun filled day consisted of barbequed food, baked goods, face painting, tips from local dog trainers and an animal healing specialist, tours of the clinic, door prizes and raffles.

The clinic’s motto is “Four Paws, Two Feet, One Heart”, and this truly showed at Saturday’s event. Everyone involved was excited and dedicated to helping raise money for these fury creatures.


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  1. Gary McLean says:

    This was a great event despite the hurricane conditions that day! Dr. Bloomberg and staff are the absolute best. Spread the word – do not use Kijiji, Craigslist or other online presence where sellers can be anonymous to buy a puppy or kitten. Buy only from legitimate and properly documented breeders. There are netowrks of fraudsters running puppy & kitten mills who will happily sell and deliver you a very sick animal for cash. Do not support them!

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