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Core1 – Oakville’s Apple store with more

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012


Most people have at least one Apple product in their house. Even if you aren’t an iPhone user, or don’t have a Mac Book, it’s likely that you have some form of iPod in your possession.

Core1 is THE place to go for everything Apple.

From cables, cords and a new set of earbud headphones to the groundbreaking performance of the ultra fast Mac Pro desktop. But Core1 isn’t just the place to go to pick up the latest gadgets; it’s the place to go to learn how to make the most out of them as well.

Located in Downtown Oakville, Core1 is your Apple store with more. With a modern, yet comfortable environment, the friendly and helpful highly trained staff will be happy to answer all of your questions. Core1 is also one of the few retailers to receive the coveted Apple Premium Service Provider title, so you can be confident in knowing you’ve come to the right place.

From how to download music from iTunes, to in-depth training on the latest operating system, Core1 offers training session seminars and workshops on a variety of different levels, from one-on-one to group lessons. First time Mac purchasers who are new to the Apple world, or even new to computers, can sign up for weekly sessions for an entire year for as little as $99.


Another Scam: Is your friend abroad really in need?

Friday, July 13th, 2012
Kids are going to camp, and if it is a warm, sunny Friday (as it is in Oakville) I know countless adults will be playing hooky to take in a round of golf – or sit on the patio with a drink, or whatever it is that adults will do on a warm sunny day when they play hooky (or leave work early).

There is one segment of the population that will be hard at work today, as always.  That is, the Internet Scammer.


How can I protect myself from data loss?

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012
MacBook Air

What do you have on your computer? Pictures? Documents? Home videos? E-Mails? What would you do if one day you realized it was all gone? Is it all recoverable? How bad would you feel if tomorrow morning you woke up and discovered that your hard drive was blank?

In this day and age when most of us do not retain paper copies of every document and photo, a corrupted hard drive is tantamount to your house burning down, without the consolation of being able to make an insurance claim.

There is a simple reality in computers: the question is not if your hard drive will corrupt, but rather when. All hard drives will eventually corrupt, and I always feel bad when friends beg me to help them recover lost files off hard drives that pre-date Windows XP. Some will last ten years or longer, others will not, but it is a scary sight indeed to boot our computer and it cannot detect the hard drive.


Expert Advice to Keep Your Passwords Safe

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012
typing on keyboard

For years I have been espousing the importance of strong passwords.  Passwords are the key to your information including pictures, documents, on-line banking and… everything.

Your identity can be stolen and your reputation can be shattered in an instant … all because of compromised passwords.

Now that you understand that, you made your password super-complex… 19P@$$w0rd63 and you figure you are safe.  After all, twelve characters, alpha-numeric with uppercase, lowercase, and special characters, what could be stronger, right?  Yes, that is true… but a complex password is not the beginning and end of account security.

Things to remember

There is a simple equation: Password security is equal to complexity, but there is a time factor built into that, and however secure your password is when you set it, that security level starts to degrade immediately… and at a rate that is inversely related to the complexity of the password.

Wow… all of this sounds really confusing, doesn’t it? 

I hope this will simplify things: