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The Gentlemen’s Guide to Wine on Valentine’s Day

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Romantic Dinner at Home

In recent years, my wife has developed quite a flare for Valentine’s Day. Rose petals on the table, more baked goods than realistically imaginable, and glitter found where it normally is not; we have a 9-year old daughter – ‘fairy dust’ is a way of life. I’d also suggest that the reason for this new enthusiasm is the children, not my suave demeanour.  Not that I don’t enjoy the most romantic day of the year; I most certainly do.

Like most gentlemen, after 17ish years of marriage, I still find myself in search of answers to questions that I have yet to ask.  The reason, I believe, for her new fondness for February 14th, is likely the relatively relaxed atmosphere when compared to the marginal level of chaos that ensues during each of the other major annual holidays. There is also no need to race across the countryside in a mad dash to visit loved ones, in laws, outlaws, and all the ripe ones in between.

We also spend far too much time and effort trying to connect the dots that society seemingly mandates each day: lunches for the kids, traffic gridlock, inbox overload, and on-time performance. If only for a moment, can’t we make it stop? I know you want to – and on Valentines Day you both deserve a moment of unwavering passion.


And a Party on the Patio it was!

Saturday, August 25th, 2012
Party on the Patio at the Niblick Pub

Wendy, Robbie, Richard, Rob, Julie, Marcia

A delightful evening of networking was held at The Niblick Pub in the Upper Oakville Shopping Centre, giving business owners an opportunity to meet one another and to share information about their unique talents and the special services and features they provide.

The weather was warm and balmy and the conversation flowed easily as the experienced staff of the Niblick Pub served the “Party on the Patio” guests excellent food and drink.

The Niblick Pub is well known for “Great service and the best nachos in town”… in fact, the “Best pub food in Oakville!” Personally, my favourite dish is their delicious fish and chips! The Niblick patio is unique in that it feels like a secluded room, with an array of beautiful plants under the canopy of trees, giving a feeling of privacy to every guest. The Niblick is located in the mall at 1011 Upper Middle Road East in Oakville. Be sure to have a meal there soon!

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The Marquee Steakhouse and Piano Lounge

Thursday, July 26th, 2012
Marquee Entree

Just the other day a message flew across my computer screen asking if I’d like to meet for dinner at a new steakhouse in Milton, Ontario. The invite was from a friend of the restaurant’s owner/chef and an acquaintance of mine on Twitter.  He was in search of an unbiased opinion of both the food and wine at the recently opened restaurant to which I happily accepted the invitation.

Milton is a rapidly growing community located just northwest of Oakville at the base of the picturesque Niagara Escarpment.  With the exception of the buildings that typically line the edges of the 401 along this stretch of highway, one could easily pass by the town and never realized that 85 000 people live just beyond the spans of mature trees.

The Marquee Steakhouse and Piano Lounge is a new and welcome addition to the list of local dining destinations in Milton.  I called up the address on Google Maps for a quick visual reference of the area only to find an out of date picture of a shabby looking Chinese food establishment which apparently called this location home only a few months ago.  But as I made the turn into the parking lot of the small strip-plaza, the clutter and uncouth facade of the once otherwise tactless Asian takeout joint had reassuringly vanished, replaced by an iron-fenced patio, bistro tables, and variety of well cared for planter boxes.  If first impressions truly do leave a lasting memory, the obvious sense of passion and refined taste that now occupies 500 Steeles Ave. was a welcome sight.


The WORKS Burger Bistro Opens in Oakville

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011
The WORKS famous gourmet burgers

Downtown Oakville is thrilled to be home to the newest location of The WORKS Burger Bistro, Ottawa’s original and award-winning gourmet burger bistro since 2001 featuring an urban factory bistro-style restaurant that promises to serve up the best tasting burgers and more.

On Thursday, December 15th, The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro opens its doors and invites guests to come out and try what everyone is talking about – on the house! Monetary donations are welcome, with 100% of the proceeds going to local charity Distress Centre Oakville.

With over 68 varieties of mouthwatering burgers to choose from, The WORKS has something for everyone. From the good old standard cheeseburger named the ‘Ho Hum #1’ to the outrageous ‘SK8R Boy’ – with peanut butter, jack cheese and bacon strips! Looking for something more exotic? Try the ‘Electric Blue’ with Danish blue cheese, walnut chunks and a smattering of Dijon-haze sauce, or the ‘Three Ring Binder’, topped with sautéed mushrooms, chipotle mayo, gouda cheese and three crunchy onion rings.


WORKS Burger is coming to Oakville and they’re hiring

Thursday, November 17th, 2011
WORKS Burger job fair

Look out, Oakville, the wait is over – burger lovers nationwide have been making the pilgrimage to Ottawa’s seven neighbourhood locations for the past ten years in search of their next WORKS burger ( fix.

This winter, Downtown Oakville is going casual at its new location at 149 Lakeshore Road East, where Oakville will savour the ultimate fresh gourmet burger experience.

The WORKS serves up fresh, hand-pressed gourmet burgers plus other great tasting items round out the ultimate gourmet burger experience, including signature fresh-cut fries, famed Tower-O-Rings, the local ice cold beer selection and 50 of the creamiest, hand-made classic shakes on the planet – all 100 per cent and proudly Canadian.

Job fair

The WORKS is holding a job fair November 17th-19th and 25-26th between 11:30am-3pm or 4pm-7:30pm. Visit their new location at 149 Lakeshore Road East in Oakville to apply in person. Bring your resume & pen.

Resumes can be also be emailed to