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Oakville Hospital Foundation Launches Largest Fundraiser

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012
Tina, Peter Gilgan, Stephanie, Sandra, Ruth Anne & Douglas

Tina, Peter Gilgan, Stephanie, Sandra, Ruth Anne & Douglas

“It All Starts Here”! The Oakville Hospital Foundation launched its fundraising campaign to equip the new Oakville Hospital, scheduled to open December 2015, and the evening celebrated the many donors who have set the stage for a very successful fundraising campaign.

At the launch it was unveiled that the Foundation has raised $48 million to date. The total was revealed by a group of Oakville children at an event that recognized and paid tribute to the major campaign donors. The audience of more than 250 people included a number of extraordinary individuals, families, and organizations who have donated $15,000 or more.

“It All Starts Here” is the largest fundraising campaign in the history of Oakville. The Oakville Hospital Foundation is seeking support from the entire Oakville community in order to reach their goal. Over the next three years, the Foundation will work with the community to raise the additional $12 million dollars needed to help equip the new Oakville Hospital.

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Oakville Hospital Foundation receives $3.5M donation from Birmingham family

Friday, December 17th, 2010
Betty Birmingham receives thanks

Betty Birmingham receives thanks from the Oakville Hospital Foundation and a gift of appreciation

Yesterday, the Oakville Hospital Foundation (OHF) hosted an event to announce the Birmingham’s gift of $3.5 million in support of the new Oakville Hospital.

“I’m often asked why Bruce and I support philanthropic causes like this,” says Betty Birmingham. “The answer is simple; Bruce always believed that you support the hospital in your community and that you lead by example, as do I.”

Throughout the past 20 years Betty and her late husband Bruce Birmingham have demonstrated that they are people who genuinely care about their community and the people who live there. Today’s gift brings their overall contribution to Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) to more than $8.1 million.


Grand Slam Fundraiser held at Denny’s in Oakville

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010
Dan Soma Denny's of Oakville

Denny’s in Oakville owner Dan Soma serving some guests and staff at the Grand Slam Fundraiser for OTMH.

On Tuesday, December 7, 2010, Denny’s in Oakville was raising funds for the Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, specially for the Maternal Child and Paediatric units.

From 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, $1 from every Original Grand Slam breakfast purchased was donated to the Oakville Hospital Foundation.

Also Denny’s will be asking customers for donations that will be used towards the purchase of vital medical equipment for the Maternal Child and Paediatric units.


Oakville Hospital Foundation announces $10M donation from Peter Gilgan

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Yesterday, on the future site of the new Oakville Hospital, The Oakville Hospital Foundation (OHF) announced its first pacesetting donation of $10 million from Peter Gilgan, founder and CEO of Mattamy Homes, and unveiled plans for the new facility.

The new Oakville Hospital will be one of the first new hospitals in Ontario built using the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care’s new design guidelines for hospital construction. And, with a list of more than 39,000 pieces of equipment; it will have some of the best medical equipment and technology available.

“Today, I believe we have laid a solid foundation on which our new hospital will be built,” says John Oliver, President and CEO, Halton Healthcare Services. “This gift has set a new benchmark for philanthropy in our community – one that will undoubtedly inspire others. Peter, on behalf of all of us working at the hospital and those who will benefit from this new hospital, we thank you so much for your amazing generosity.”

The $10 million donation announced today is the largest ever received by the hospital or any other organization in Oakville.

“Peter has been a supporter of Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital for many years and as a former member of the hospital’s Board of Directors he has a strong understanding of the need for this new hospital,” continues Mr. Oliver. “It is an honour for us to have the Gilgan name – so clearly associated with landmark innovation and quality, community building and philanthropy – as part of our hospital’s heritage. I am pleased to announce the new inpatient tower will be called the Peter Gilgan Patient Care Centre.”

The Centre will be home to the Hospital’s medical & surgical inpatient units which will offer a full-range of medical and post-surgical specialty care to the community. To reduce the risk of infection and enhance patient privacy and comfort, eighty percent of the hospital’s inpatient bedrooms will be designed for single-patient use. The Peter Gilgan Patient Care Centre will support family involvement by including amenities such as family rooms, lounges, shower facilities, kitchenettes and much more.

“For over 10 years, I have had the privilege to be a part of the Oakville Hospital community,” explains Mr. Gilgan. “I know firsthand the need for a vibrant new health care centre that will grow, live and thrive and ensure Oakville continues to be one of the most livable communities in the country.”

Situated in one of the fastest growing regions in Ontario, Oakville’s current hospital can no longer keep up with the needs of its growing community. Building a new healthcare facility that will not only accommodate growth but has sufficient room to expand to meet future needs, is a major step to ensuring quality healthcare is available in Oakville for many years to come.

“This really is a great day for the new Hospital and for the Oakville community,” concludes Tina Triano, CEO, Oakville Hospital Foundation. “Peter’s contribution is a significant milestone as we embark on a capital campaign to raise $60 million to create a hospital that will set a new standard for healthcare not just in Ontario, but across the country.”

Oakville Council approves hospital funding – Public reacts quickly

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010
Singe bed room at new Oakville hospital

Last night, Oakville Council resolved by an 11-2 margin to donate a maximum of $170 million to Halton Healthcare Services’ local share plan to fund the new Oakville hospital.

The public consultation process took over four months and included online, written and telephone surveys, as well as hundreds of emails and phone calls to councillors.

“The collaborative approach we are known for worked to produce a result that is both affordable and no-risk and enables our community to catch up with our need for modern, safer health care.” – Mayor Rob Burton

Long consultation process

The consultation process revealed that Oakville residents strongly supported the need for a new hospital, but were concerned about the financial contribution requested of the Town of Oakville by Halton Healthcare Services.

Polls conducted by revealed that more than 65% of residents were in favour of the the hospital but 44% were undecided about how it should be paid for.

“While I am frustrated and annoyed at the provincial government for the position they have put us all in, I am confident in the Hospital Board to manage this project and to deliver a first class facility that Oakville needs and deserves.” – Jeff Knoll

Majority vote by Council

There was a majority vote by Council with two councillors, Cathy Duddeck and Keith Bird, voting against the resolution.

Council member

Mayor Rob Burton
Alan Johnston
Ralph Robinson
Fred Oliver
Cathy Duddeck
Keith Bird
Mary Chapin
Allan Elgar
Roger Lapworth
Jeff Knoll
Marc Grant
Tom Adams
Max Khan



“While I appreciate the enormous work that has gone into the planning of a new hospital and I fully agree that a new hospital is badly needed, I cannot agree to committing property tax dollars to fund something that should be financed at the provincial or at the Regional levels,” said Cathy Duddeck.

When asked about his decision Keith Bird noted, “I believe the Province took responsibility for hospital funding as part of the ‘Who does What’ or Local Services Realignment (LSR) exercise between the two levels of government a few years ago. So to download hundreds of million of dollars of costs for hospitals onto the backs of our municipal property taxpayers is a travesty and I was offended by this being presented to Council.”

Other members of Council noted that his was challenging decision but that Council listened to the public and acted accordingly:

“In my 28 years serving the people of Oakville, I have never experienced such a dynamic, progressive and challenging decision.” – Ralph Robinson

“This is a good deal for Oakville that will produce a modern hospital that is needed by the community. The costs are affordable by the community and council has taken the opportunity to manage each of the risks that have been voiced during the public process,” said Councillor Tom Adams.

“Council listened and responded. The people want and deserve a hospital for the 21st century” – Alan Johnston

Support from the public

Common area at new Oakville hospital

Several community organizations including the Oakville Chamber of Commerce encouraged Council to approve the funding of the new hospital.

“Funding of the hospital is one of the biggest issues our community has dealt with in decades,” stated Chamber Chair Sonny Jelinek. “We know some members of Council have concerns. However, our board of directors overwhelmingly agree that if Council does not approve the proposed funding, the hospital project will be at serious risk. We don’t want to lose this opportunity because of principles related to provincial funding formulas – we can’t change those now. Bottom line is that we need the hospital.”

What’s next

Town staff will report to Council in 2011 at the conclusion of the hospital RFP process with the exact amount of the proposed donation and the opportunities it has identified to fund the donation through non-tax revenues.

Actual payments to the hospital are scheduled to begin in 2015 once the hospital is built and operational.

“We’ve agreed to give Halton Healthcare Services a donation with the understanding that this amount will not change.” – Mayor Burton

Public reaction to the decision

Reactions to the 11-2 decision have been positive overall. You can view some of real-time reactions from Councillors and members of the public via Twitter here here here here here and here.

UPDATE: Click here to read the announcement from MPP Kevin Flynn