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The Gentlemen’s Guide to Wine on Valentine’s Day

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Romantic Dinner at Home

In recent years, my wife has developed quite a flare for Valentine’s Day. Rose petals on the table, more baked goods than realistically imaginable, and glitter found where it normally is not; we have a 9-year old daughter – ‘fairy dust’ is a way of life. I’d also suggest that the reason for this new enthusiasm is the children, not my suave demeanour.  Not that I don’t enjoy the most romantic day of the year; I most certainly do.

Like most gentlemen, after 17ish years of marriage, I still find myself in search of answers to questions that I have yet to ask.  The reason, I believe, for her new fondness for February 14th, is likely the relatively relaxed atmosphere when compared to the marginal level of chaos that ensues during each of the other major annual holidays. There is also no need to race across the countryside in a mad dash to visit loved ones, in laws, outlaws, and all the ripe ones in between.

We also spend far too much time and effort trying to connect the dots that society seemingly mandates each day: lunches for the kids, traffic gridlock, inbox overload, and on-time performance. If only for a moment, can’t we make it stop? I know you want to – and on Valentines Day you both deserve a moment of unwavering passion.


Celebrate the New Year with a Seafood Menu

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

Seafood Cioppino

Why not ring in 2014 with a delicious seafood meal that’s easy to make in the comfort of your own home?

Whether it’s New Year’s Eve or the first day of the New Year, this 3-course menu provided by Chef Mike Middlemost is both simple and delicious.

“I know many families that celebrate the New Year with a Seafood-inspired menu,” said Chef Middlemost.

“These selections are rotating featured items on the Walkers Fish Market menu and have proven to be customer favourites.”


Celebrate the Season with a Winter Picnic

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Picnics are synonymous with glorious sunny days, chilled drinks, yummy food and fun activities in a park or by the lake but don’t let the cold stop you from enjoying outdoor activities and the all-important warming snacks.

Although at first glance winter might not seem like the most ideal time of year to have a picnic, it truly is a wonderful season to get outdoors, burn off some energy and shake the cobwebs from your mind. Sledding, skating, snowshoeing, snowball fights and snowman making contests can be enjoyed by all ages and are great activities to not only burn calories but to bring family and friends together for an afternoon of old-fashioned fun.

Remember to dress in layers, bring along a washable thick blanket or sleeping bag to sit on and keep your refreshments simple to carry and enjoy. Use insulated vacuum bottles to hold hot drinks or soup, crockpots with locked lids, biodegradable dishware and an insulated and waterproof backpack for carrying your items. Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese is the perfect meal to snack on for winter days and my picnic friendly versions will have you planning your own outdoor event this coming weekend.


Local Gluten Free Producer gets Funding

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Michael, Bobby, Fran & Sherri Accepting the Cheque Helping to Purchase a New Oven!

Whole Foods Market Canadian Local Producer Loan Program featured Molly B’s Gluten-Free Kitchen, a local gluten-free commercial bakery, with a cheque presentation of $50,000. Molly B’s is the first Canadian recipient of Whole Foods Markets’ low interest loan.

Fran Earle and her husband, Michael, first started working with Whole Foods Markets in 2002, when they sold their homemade jam to the Yorkville store. By 2004, they had switched their focus to Molly B’s Gluten-Free Kitchen – focusing on specialty diets and operating out of a dedicated gluten-free facility. The loan will enable Fran and Michael to purchase a new oven in order to expand their current offerings.

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How To Make Your Own Natural Food Colouring

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Puréed Beets


momstown Oakville moms are extremely resourceful and I love all the information that gets shared between members.  At our  Busy Bag Swap this year, we got to talking about food colouring and one momstown Oakville member shared how she makes her own natural food colouring.

I thought this was brilliant and knew that there would be tons of moms that would love to have this information so I was inspired to write this blog post.

Early this year in March, we shared this great recipe for St. Patrick’s Day spinach cupcakes in which the cupcakes were green due to the addition of puréed spinach!  Not only was this a wonderful example of natural food colouring but this treat also included a good dose of spinach and the kids didn’t even notice.