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Burton: Thank You, Oakville Voters!

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Oakville voters have given me a renewed and stronger mandate. I accept the trust they have placed in me with humility. I dedicate myself over the next four years to continuing to fulfill the promises I have made. Now, I join everyone in thanking all who participated in the elections. We made our community’s democracy stronger.

Together, we will keep Oakville moving forward.


Rob Burton

Johnston: Thank you for your support

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Dear Residents of Bronte:

Thank you for your continued support as Ward 1 Town and Regional Councillor. Thank you for taking the time to discuss and share your concerns with me, particularly over these past few months. Thank you to all the candidates in Ward 1 for putting your names forward for public service.

My commitment to you is for continued hard work on your behalf as we move forward into the next four years.

Alan Johnston

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How influenced the 2010 municipal election

Thursday, October 28th, 2010
Vote for Oakville handout

Front and back image of the Vote for Oakville handout card to promote voter turnout in the 2010 election.

Several months ago, the staff at were discussing how low the voter turnout was in the 2006 municipal election. Of the 112,458 eligible voters, only 39,719 voted – that’s a 35% turnout rate!

Some would say that no one cares about municipal elections – that federal is all that matters.

We disagreed. We felt that if the public had more information at their fingertips, they would be more inclined to vote.

With 60,000 people visiting every month, we think that we might have influenced a lot more Oakville residents to vote.

Read on to find out how we did it.

What we did

  • We asked our audience “Did you vote in the 2006 municipal election”; 62% responded YES
  • We asked our audience “what issues concern you most”; there were four key issues.
  • We hired additional reporters to interview election candidates, do Q&A’s, and research and write articles about the issues that concerned residents most.
  • Our reporters covered meetings, speeches, investigated specific concerns in Wards and broke the news about the power plant cancellation live as it happened.
  • We wrote 50+ articles about the election, including personal interviews and Q&A sessions with many of the candidates.
  • We contacted every registered candidate and created profile pages for them, including their platform, bio, contact details, photos, news and twitter feeds.
  • We created a special 2010 election section and put all of our candidate profiles, interviews, Q&A’s, news and twitter updates in this section – a one stop shop for election info.
  • We created a printed handout and poster encouraging people to become educated and vote and distributed it in local stores and shopping malls.
  • We placed an ad in SNAP Oakville encouraging people to become educated and vote.
  • We placed ads on the back of Oakville Transit buses encouraging people to become educated and vote.
  • We attended the Oakville Chamber of Commerce Small Business Week Trade show and distributed our printed handout to encourage people to vote.
  • We email our newsletter list of 2500+ subscribers
  • We used social media (Twitter, Facebook) to get the word out and provide 24/7 updates about the election
  • The results

  • We had 30,000+ total visitors to our 2010 election section
  • We had 5,000+ new visitors to seeking election information
  • Our candidate profiles, interviews, Q&A’s were viewed 20,000+ times
  • In the 2010 municipal election, there were 121,330 eligible voters, and 48,410 of them voted – that’s a 40% turnout rate!

    Before the election, we polled our audience and 62% told us that they voted in 2006. This week, we polled again and 88% told us they voted in the 2010 election.

    Voter turnout increased by 5% !!


    Here’s what people had to say about our election coverage and our efforts to educate & encourage voter turnout:

    “I must say…your election campaign coverage has been outstanding. By far the best in Oakville.” – @SonnyJelinek

    “I think you had a lot to do with that! Good job on the coverage!” – @ShannonS

    “Thanks for your helpful articles. Helped me decide on my candidate today!!!” –

    “Its sad that all the candidates sites are awful but good that has better resources then the candidates can provide themselves.” – @RayS

    “Thank you for thorough, unbiased coverage up to and on the election. *Applause*” – @RebeccaEdgar

    We’re elated with the increase in voter turnout what our audience and statistics tell is that we definitely had an impact on the increase.

    Thank you for voting Oakville. Thank you for caring. Let’s shoot for a 10% increase next time!

    - Richard Douglas, Publisher –

    Damoff: Humbled by outcome of election

    Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

    I am humbled by the outcome of the election, and am looking forward to working with Ward 2 residents in the coming four years.

    Thanks to my amazing team of friends, family and supporters who worked so hard over the last few months – together we made it happen. Thank you to the other candidates – and especially thank you to the voters for their confidence.

    - Pam Damoff, Councillor Ward 2

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    Duddeck: Looking forward to the work ahead

    Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

    I am so appreciative of the support I have received throughout this election campaign – yet another example of how much we can accomplish when we work together !

    I am looking forward to the work ahead and tackling the issues that face both our Ward and the broader community.

    I cannot speak highly enough of my good friend and colleague this past 7 years, Fred Oliver, for all his support and mentoring during my previous 2 terms – a true example of what we all aspire towards….dedication, integrity and excellent representation.

    - Cathy Duddeck, Councillor Ward 2

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