Are freshmen Councillors Pam Damoff & Dave Gittings shovelling driveways?

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Pam Damoff & Dave Gittings

Newly elected Oakville Councillors Pam Damoff and Dave Gittings

The public reception and official Inaugural Council meeting for the 2010-2014 Oakville Town Council was held Monday, December 6, 2010 at Town Hall. The meeting was short, and sweet – everyone was smiling and happy. caught up with two freshmen members of council – Pam Damoff (Ward 2) and Dave Gittings (Ward 3) – to discuss the election, their goals for this term of Council and the rumours that this year’s initiation of new members includes shovelling their ward-mates driveways!

What motivated you to run for Town Council in the 2010 election?

Damoff: I’ve always been involved in my community, and I felt that I could make a positive difference by being on Town Council.

Gittings: For the 25 years that our family has lived in Ward 3, I have been actively involved with residents groups, community involvement, community projects through Scouting, etc. I am passionate about our area and all of Oakville. After retiring this summer after a 30 year career in downtown Toronto, I was anxious to put my name forward to work on behalf of our community.

Is there an initiation for new members? ie. karaoke night, participate in the Polar Bear Dip, shovel the snow in your ward-mate’s driveway etc?

Damoff: I’ve heard rumours that Councillor Gittings is shovelling Councillor Bird’s driveway, but nothing has been confirmed thus far. Councillor Duddeck has not asked me to do the same. However, I think a surprise in in store for the other councillors at our last Council meeting of the year. Councillor Gittings and I are cooking something up for the holidays!

Gittings: Great question! Councillor Damoff and I are the newbies on Council. Pam and I have heard a number of rumours regarding various possible initiations. As this term has just started, we have all been very busy getting ready for the work that lies ahead. If the initiation is indeed snow shovelling, I expect Councillor Damoff to assist me as Councillor Bird has a pretty large driveway. As does the Mayor who lives in Ward 3 as well. It is only fair that Pam ‘pitches in’ as I may need some assistance in getting both driveways cleared in a timely manner!

What are the key issues for your Ward in this term of Council?

Damoff: Development – the DND lands and continued infill development is one of the biggest issues. The redevelopment of Oakville Arena will occur during this term. Ongoing issues like traffic congestion and speeding are a concern, and improving transit.

Gittings: There are a number of issues of concern to our residents. The future use of the hospital lands and the three surplus school properties. Oakville’s Heritage areas, preservation and expansion of our tree canopy, the downtown business community, and Centennial Square are all areas of concern.

What do you hope to accomplish during your term as Town Councillor?

Damoff: I hope that I can contribute to making Oakville a better place to live and work.

Gittings: I am looking forward to being available and meeting with our residents and residents’ associations on a regular basis. I am anxious to work with the various committees that I have requested and have been assigned to. I will be serving on the Community Services, Cultural Advisory, Heritage Oakville, Oakville Harbours Committees as well as the Downtown Oakville B.I.A. Board of Management. I am certainly happy that I am retired so that I am available full time for my work with the residents of Ward 3 and the Town. Given the meetings schedule and committee commitments, I hope that Councillor Damoff is a talented snow shoveller!

We’ll check back with Councillors Damoff and Gittings in February to see how the snow shovelling is coming along!

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