6 Smart Ideas for Spring Cleaning Your Garden

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Spring is right around the corner, and gardeners are starting to clean up their gardens in preparation. While the task might seem overwhelming, a little planning will go a long way in getting your garden ready to grow. If you’re looking at your garden and wondering where to begin, this article offers some great ideas for spring cleaning.

1. Cleanup
As you look around your garden, take stock of weed growth. These should be removed, along with any annual plants that died over the winter. Spring is also the time to prune any other plants, including perennials and evergreens.

2. Weed Control

After your garden is clear of weeds, go ahead and implement your usual weed control. If you want to do something different this year, there are several options to choose from. Landscape fabric, mulch and newspaper are non-chemical methods. Popular weed control solutions can be found at your local gardening center.

3. Compost

As part of your spring cleaning for your garden, you might consider starting a new compost pile. Most of what you clear from your garden, including grasses and woody materials, can be used in your compost. As a word of warning, refrain from putting weeds into your compost. They tend to thrive pretty much anywhere, and they’ll throw off the balance of your compost mix as they grow.

4. Soil and Fertilizer
Spring is the perfect opportunity to refresh the soil of your garden. Check the balance of your soil to see if anything should be added. If you already have rich soil, then you’re good to go. Even if you have rich soil, dress the topsoil with compost, manure or fertilizer.

5. Mulch

If you aren’t already using mulch in your garden, spring is a great time to start. Mulch naturally keeps weeds out of your garden. It also retains moisture for your garden and helps to keep roots cool in the heat of the summer. Let the weather warm up before applying mulch, and don’t cover the stalks of your plants with it.

6. Edge
As part of spring cleaning your garden, you’ll want to create crisp edging around the perimeter of your garden. However you choose to edge, make sure there is a clear line between your garden and lawn. Without a good edge, your garden and lawn will become one.

You’ve been dreaming of warm weather and days in your garden, and the time has almost arrived. Spring cleaning your garden will be a cinch with these six ideas. Happy gardening!


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