5 Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Around this time every year I ask myself “What would my mother never buy for herself but actually enjoy having?” Not surprisingly the answer every year is different. Here are some ideas that I have come up with over the years:

Spa Gift Certificate – Treat your mother to a half-day of relaxation with a massage and pedi/mani combo. As an extra special gesture pick her up and drop her off at the Spa the day of her appointment.

Theatre Evening – Spend some quality time by enjoying an evening out with your mother. Select a production that you will both enjoy and grab some dinner before the show.

Special Classes – Think of some interest that you and your mom share and take it to the next level. Enroll together in cooking classes, art workshops, sewing seminars, tennis lessons, wine tasting or another activity you think she will enjoy. The idea is to spend time together while having a good time.

Portraits – Organize a family portrait session with the focus on mom. Involve the entire family so mom has a special memory of the day.

Chore Free Weekend – If your family has young children, a good way to get them involved in giving mom a special day is to have them help with chores that mom would otherwise do. For example setting the table, dusting the furniture, taking out the kitchen garbage and assembling dinner with healthy store bought meals.

Also along these lines you can buy mom a couple of home cleaning vouchers from a local cleaning service.

Whatever you decide to do, mom will feel extra special knowing you took the time to think beyond the flowers.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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