Oakville open data gaining momentum

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Open data initiative
The Town of Oakville’s online data catalogue was expanded last week to include datasets on cemeteries, coyotes, and energy consumption at town facilities — part of an ongoing initiative to support local economic development and government transparency through open data.

The town’s data catalogue now contains 40 datasets. The newly-released energy consumption data was specifically requested by the developer community and includes overall usage data and building area-specific detail.

“I’m pleased that the town can facilitate the growing open data usage taking place in our community,” said Oakville Mayor Rob Burton. “Our partnership with Silicon Halton is expanding the conversation about the great things we can accomplish together when developers get creative with the town’s open data.”

In September, Halton-based technology community Silicon Halton hosted a meetup to brainstorm about open data and the opportunities presented by the town’s 12-month pilot project. The event drew more than 85 developers and data enthusiasts representing the education, government and business sectors as well as communities across the Greater Toronto Area. The next day, the town had the highest number of downloads to-date from its data catalogue.

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Recipie ideas for those Turkey leftovers

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turkey leftovers ideas

The bird has been carved and served, you’ve indulged in Aunt Maggie’s famous pumpkin pie, waistbands have been loosened and the kids are already starting to talk about Hallowe’en. But before you start decorating with ghosts and goblins you need to do something with the leftovers from the Thanksgiving meal.

Many people don’t have the energy or the desire to deal with leftovers from a holiday meal and more often than not chuck the whole thing in the freezer only to throw it out at Easter. There are so many great uses for pre-cooked turkey, vegetables and left over mashed potatoes that it seems a shame to waste them. Not only will it save you time preparing meals in the week following a big holiday dinner but will also stretch your food budget.

If I still haven’t convinced you then at least divide your left over turkey into portions (about 2 cups) in freezer bags and pull out later in the winter when you can stand to look at turkey again… SuperBowl Turkey Chilli anyone?

Learn to love leftovers with these three great recipe ideas!

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Fall loose leaf collection starts tomorrow

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Fall leaves
The Town of Oakville’s annual fall loose leaf collection will run from Tuesday, October 14 to Friday, November 28 in designated neighbourhoods. Information on collection zones and dates can be found at oakville.ca or by calling ServiceOakville at 905-845-6601.

Residents are reminded to follow the town’s loose leaf collection guidelines described below.

Collection guidelines

  • Place all loose leaves on the boulevard or on the shoulder, not over catch basins or in the ditches in front of your house.
  • Ensure leaves are free of garbage or other yard waste materials such as brush, branches, large twigs or stones.
  • Put leaves out no earlier than seven days before the first day of your pickup and no later than 7 a.m. on the first day of collection in your zone.

Contaminated piles of leaves or leaves that have been put out after the pickup dates will not be collected. Homeowners are responsible for removing uncollected leaves.

Bagged leaf service

Halton Region collects bagged leaves and yard waste on the same day as regular garbage pickup. This is a separate program from the Town of Oakville’s loose leaf collection. Visit halton.ca for more information.

For more information on Oakville’s fall loose leaf collection, contact ServiceOakville at 905-845-6601 or serviceoakville@oakville.ca

Entertain with ease this Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving dinner
With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many people start to feel anxious about how to host a large family dinner without becoming stressed in the process.

Too often, we lose sight of the reason we gather around a table because the nervousness of creating the “perfect dinner and atmosphere” is almost too overwhelming for many.

But unless you are a professional chef or a celebrity party planner, I’m going to guess that the reason people come over to your home is to spend time with you and the meal you provide them is merely an added bonus!

Give your nerves a break this year and take these simple tips and words of wisdom from me, someone who cooks and entertains for a living, but also does it for the pure joy in spending time with my loved ones! *

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Sean O’Meara responds to ‘use it or lose it’ message

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In what appears to be a last ditch effort to try and show residents that the Oakville Ward 1 Councillors have not completely abandoned their constituents, last night the Town of Oakville asked Town staff to see what can be done with the vacant land in Bronte Village.

This issue has been known but unresolved in the community for years. Last night’s move comes as no surprise to Ward 1 Region and Town Council candidate Sean O’Meara. “To do this two weeks before an election won’t fool the voters. The Mayor and Ward 1 incumbents can’t make up for inaction over the past 4 years and more in 4 weeks of scrambling” O’Meara said.

As recently as 7 months ago the Town approved a separate entrance into the now permanently gated in area of the Bronte Village Mall. If the Town had denied this access, there would not be the permanent fencing that is currently there.

“Ward 1 Councillors continue to scramble to try and find excuses why they have let this happen to our community. Residents have expressed their concerns loudly for years, and it is quite a sad state of affairs that the incumbents have come to this.”

“I feel it borders on the misuse of public office to be directing staff for completely political means at this point. These are the types of political games that generate and inflame cynicism about politics. If I’m elected, one of my first priorities will be to put an end to this type of behaviour, and especially so close to an election” stated O’Meara.